Salesforce B2B Commerce is a solution that brings products and services to market faster, provides a connected customer view of marketing, commerce, sales, and services, and gives B2B customers a modern online experience. So, it’s no surprise that more and more companies looking to increase online revenue are choosing to implement Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud to make it easier for customers to buy and make sales teams more efficient by automating order taking. 

With the power of the Lightning Experience, you can sell even faster, simpler, and more efficiently. That is all thanks to personalised alerts, query consolidation, and advanced technical expertise you can access from a single environment. There’s no doubt that Lightning Experience is one of the best sales and service solutions out there, and by partnering with Spyrosoft, you can smoothly go through its implementation process or add additional functionality to offer more value to your teams.  

Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience  

At Spyrosoft, we want to support organisations in three core areas related to the Salesforce Lightning Experience:  

Maintenance and optimisation 

CloudCraze maintenance and optimisation are a service aimed at organisations with CloudCraze solutions deployed that require technical optimisation, upgrade, or modification in certain areas. By working with Spyrosoft, you will receive a dedicated team of experts who will analyse your challenges, verify any errors or irregularities, and then solve these problems.  

In the meantime, Spyrosoft specialists will develop a proposal for you to migrate from CloudCraze to B2B on Lightning Experience. We conduct a workshop or a series of workshops for this purpose, through which we will learn how your legacy systems work and help you maintain them to guide you through the transition and implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Experience.  


We prepare a Transition from CloudCraze to Lightning ecommerce experience plan for you to migrate from legacy to new solutions and smoothly and seamlessly bring your organisation to the new system without changing the entire business model.  

The Transition from CloudCraze to Lightning ecommerce experience is primarily based on a series of workshops: 

After this stage, you already have a plan specifying what we can migrate and what needs to be moved to the next step – implementation. 


We will guide you through the entire implementation cycle, from building a strategy to conducting a business analysis, getting to know your requirements and implementation, and maintaining the solutions we implement. You can count on our comprehensive support in both business and technical aspects.  

Implementation is a service dedicated to more than just organisations that have implemented CloudCraze solutions. We are at your service even if you don’t have any systems in your company that require maintenance or migration and want to take advantage of the Salesforce to B2B on Lightning Experience. We will get to know your requirements, design the architecture and develop an effective strategy in collaboration with you. In addition, we will know your business goals and objectives for the next year or years to come to guarantee effective implementation, execution, and, most importantly, maintenance of the implemented solutions in the long term. 

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin? 

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin from Spyrosoft finds its application in two areas: business and technical.  

Technical aspect 

From a technical point of view, it is a solution that allows us to set up development environments exceptionally quickly and start doing things that will be of value to you in less time. There is no doubt that the preparation of a B2B Commerce on the Lightning experience platform system is a very advanced process that needs to be adequately organised, staged, and then executed for the whole project to be successful. It takes time and the involvement of many experts.  

However, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin provides us with the tools to streamline the preparation time for the implementation process and thus guide you through the platform implementation in your organisation much faster.  

Business aspect 

We also created the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin to expand the promotional functionality that businesses can take advantage of. The possibilities B2B Commerce on Lightning offers in its basic form are limited, especially regarding the options related to ecommerce promotions. At Spyrosoft, we listen to our customers and know what challenges they face. As a result, we gathered all the functionality that business practitioners perceived lacking, developed them, and implemented them into our proprietary framework. In other words, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin delivers what organisations may be missing in B2B commerce on lightning.  

The plugin works alongside your standard processes, so we guarantee the speed of implementation without interfering with your organisation’s existing solutions. For example, if you have a boxed product deployed, we ensure that the plugin will fit in perfectly, even if you make modifications to your product or change the way it works in the future. On the other hand, for customers who have heavily customised solutions, we offer to tailor the plugin to work effectively with your existing processes.  

Benefits for you 

Choosing our solution saves you time. If you need to introduce new functionalities to your B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience, you can immediately start with a dedicated team of developers. It is also worth remembering that the involvement of developers costs money. We already have these solutions ready and can install them for you and, if necessary, adjust them accordingly in much less time.  

Transformation framework or how do we do it at Spyrosoft? 

Our practice and knowledge allow us to implement B2B Commerce on Lightning quickly, and with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin, we can add additional functionality to your new system. However, years of experience and several implementations have allowed us to develop our transformation journey workflow. We operate based on a specific framework, a set of steps by which we can implement B2B on Lightning much more efficiently and faster. It is an elaborate business procedure that allows us, using our addons, to help organisations move from legacy solutions to the new world of B2B Commerce on Lightning in an organised, smooth and uncomplicated manner.  

Free Consultation 

When you start working with Spyrosoft, you can count on 8 hours of free consultation. The entire process begins with a short meeting of up to one hour. During the session, we establish the form of consultation with the client and get to know the individual needs of a given organisation in the Salesforce field, the platform’s operation, its pain points, and the company’s challenges in the field of B2B Commerce. On this basis, we prepare the appropriate documentation, and according to the area to be studied, we assign a developer, analyst, or architect to the consultation.  

At the end of the consultation, you will receive a detailed report from us, in which we will evaluate the individual areas and their impact on the overall system under analysis in a street light model. Finally, you will receive a general recommendation, in which we will present the performance of the entire Salesforce in your enterprise. That will help you determine which area works properly and which needs to be changed or repaired.  

Salesforce Lightning Experience – why use a Spyrosoft audit?  

Based on our audit report, you will learn about all aspects of your system that need improvement. As a result, you will gain a completely independent view of how Salesforce functions in your organisation. You will also learn what aspects are worth taking care of and what needs to be cleaned up to avoid problems with the platform or potential future implementation limitations.  

Thanks to the audit, if you decide to cooperate with us, you will gain the guarantee of faster implementation of new functionalities, properly orchestrated processes, and development tailored to Salesforce recommendations. In addition, with our proprietary frameworks, our experts can guide you through the whole process up to 25% faster than other companies. Thanks to that, we can help you minimise or eliminate technology debt in your organisation. 

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