What's important?

Superior B2B Commerce Cloud implementation skills

When planning to upgrade the commerce experience for your business clients, what counts above all else is technical expertise and in-depth commerce understanding. This enables effortless and seamless Salesforce Lightning Experience implementation, migration and product maintenance.

What can we do for you?


Implementation of Salesforce Lightning Experience

Introducing Salesforce Commerce Cloud new solution may be challenging for your sales and marketing organisation. We will provide you with our practical expertise followed by a tailor-made Implementation Framework. Additionally, we offer a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin with a set of advanced functionalities that extend Salesforce Lightning Experience capabilities and e-commerce scenarios.


Transition from CloudCraze to Lightning Experience

Do you need help to effortlessly switch from Salesforce CloudCraze to Lightning Experience? Our experts will support you in that journey with our Lightning Experience Transition Framework – a method and toolset designed at Spyrosoft.


CloudCraze maintenance and optimisation

If CloudCraze is a driver for your business, then why not benefit from our expertise in maintaining the existing instance. We will support you with a backend service, fixing security bugs, and eventually preparing for future migration to Lightning Experience.


Salesforce projects delivered



Average project duration


B2B Commerce specialists


Salesforce Lightning Experience Implementation Framework

(1-4 weeks)

  • Mapping marketing and commerce processes 
  • Customer journey analysis 
  • Deep dive into Service Excellence 
  • Technology advisory 
  • Technical landscape analysis
  • Data migration 

(8+ weeks)

  • Source code and documentation  
  • Automated testing 
  • Data migration scripts and procedures 
  • Working solution  
  • DevOps in place 

(2+ weeks)

  • Final testing of the solution: 
    • UAT 
    • Integration 
    • Security 
    • Migration 
    • Cross-browser 
  • Migration testing 
  • Production readiness report 
  • Deployment procedure 
  • Hyper care plan 

Deployment and optimisation (1 week)

  • Lightning Experience deployment set to production 
  • During the hyper care phase, our team works in the industrialised mode 
  • Production issue log 
  • Performance check and optimisation 

Lightning Experience Transformation - Transition Framework

(2-6 weeks)

  • Deep dive into the current Cloud Craze instance using Lightning Experience Transition Framework
  • Source code and configuration analysis
  • Complete list of features, including mapping between Lightning Experience and CloudCraze
  • Define a detailed implementation plan

(8+ weeks)

  • Work in Scrum methodology
  • Close/open cooperation with business owners
  • The opportunity to include Spyrosoft experts (UX, cybersecurity, mobile devs, cloud, AI, etc.)

Data migration
(2+ weeks)

  • Prepare and execute a couple of dry runs
  • Automatic test of the migration data (reports included)

Deployment and maintenance: (1+ week)

  • Production deployment of the solution
  • Data migration
  • Monitor and hyper care B2B on Lex

CloudCraze Maintenance and Optimisation


  • Administration of existing Orgs 
  • Customer support 
  • Bug fixing 
  • Performance analysis and improvements 


  • Work in Scrum methodology
  • Cooperation with business
  • Impact analysis
  • Best solution recommendation and implementation

Dev Processes reorganization

  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Repair plan preparation
  • Introduction and training of recommended Frameworks
  • Tech Debt recovery plan


  • Tools recommendations based on Team skills
  • DevOps process definition and configuration
  • Training

Extend your Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin: Advanced Promotion Extension for Salesforce B2B Commerce

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin is an effortless way to extend your current Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud with a wide range of promotional features to support your campaigns.

We’ve built a proven Transition Framework, consisting of specific tools and processes, that allows us to quickly and effectively implement the required changes in the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud on the Lightning Experience environment.

What can we add to your Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud?


Welcome bonus coupons


Fix and percentage promotions and coupons 


Multiple promotions for one cart


Volume discounts based on multiple orders 


Extra discounts: Buy X, get Y for free


Mixed promos: Buy X + Z get Y for free


Customer engagement tools


Target promotions with Audiences


Integration with Google Analytics 4


Check how our services improved Salesforce experience

Sector Automotive
CloudCraze Optimization

Challenge: The effectiveness of the production system resulted in abandoned carts and low conversion rates — excessively long onboarding of new clients. Missing development and requirements management processes caused an inability to prepare for migration from Salesforce CloudCraze to Lightning Experience LEX.

Our service: We introduced a new process covering the collaboration between the Commerce Department and the IT team. Our experts reviewed all business requirements against their technical implementation and changed the commerce experience (like simplified checkout and integration with Google Analytics).

Result: After a few months, the number of abandoned carts dropped, and conversion rates significantly increased. In addition, by eliminating technical debt, we could onboard a new partner within two weeks without any issues. It enabled significant growth for the Business Expansion department. 

Sector Automotive CloudCraze Optimization

Challenge: Missing resources to design and run the smooth migration from Cloud Craze to Lightning Experience LEX.

Our service: We used Lightning Experience – Transition Framework to plan the transformation journey, starting with workshops to map all the potential improvements and roadblocks. We designed the desired architecture for LEX and prepared a detailed data migration plan. Our team documented all the customisations and identified gaps with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Product Team to avoid unnecessary adjustments.

Result: We used Lightning Experience – Transition Framework to plan the transformation journey, starting with workshops to map all the potential improvements and roadblocks. We designed the desired architecture for LEX and prepared a detailed data migration plan. Our team documented all the customisations and identified gaps with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Product Team to avoid unnecessary adjustments.

Sector Retail CloudCraze to Lightning Experience LEX migration

Challenge: Speeding up time to market for indirect sales with a new business line related to the IoT and Industry 4.0 services. 

Our service: Our team designed and implemented a tailored, extensible solution with custom Lightning Web Components using Salesforce Connect API. We streamlined the customer's journey flow and optimised it for the telecom-related purchase flow.

Result: We significantly shortened the time to market. In addition, the changed look & feel and single sign-on implementation made an impression that LEX is a part of the as-is web pages. As a result, the customers could feel comfortable without even noticing that there were multiple solutions under the hood.

Sector Telecom Lightning Experience LEX Implementation and Optimisation

Challenge: Old in-house implementation of Salesforce CPQ that had to be cleaned up in order to get the organisation ready for the e-commerce project together with a new company acquisition.

Our service: We moved all the code into the code repository and implemented full deployment automation using CCI for Salesforce. We simplified the whole setup by introducing our frameworks and tools.

Result: The customer found us very different from the previous vendors and saw the difference in our technical skillset that was crucial for the project.

Software development Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Challenge: Lack of unified business systems and processes that different company units and locations could use. We needed to replace the old in-house solutions with our new Lightning Experience Transition Framework which can be quickly deployed locally.

Our service: Our team took responsibility for LEX implementation, which was a part of the company’s significant transformation program. We introduced our framework and tools that were then used by almost all the teams. We chose the agile approach and SCRUM methodology and worked closely with the business owners to quickly identify and remove all possible roadblocks.

Result: The MVP for the first local branch was deployed four months after the project started. By removing the in-house CRM and improving the ERP integration, we simplified and streamlined the Order-to-Cash process and significantly increased the number of orders captured via e-commerce.

FMCG corporation Lightning Experience LEX Implementation