In the ever-evolving business landscape, many companies need to constantly adapt to changing market conditions to maintain their competitiveness. For many organisations, the natural choice is to scale the business, which can contribute to better business performance. However, scaling up the operations can also come with several challenges, especially in the areas of human resources and employee management. The answer to such issues can be found in advanced HR tech solutions integrated with AI-powered chatbots available to users on a 24/7 basis. In this article, prepared in collaboration with Daniel Zaborowski – Director of HR Tech at Spyrosoft, we will take a closer look at how these innovative technologies and the use of chatbots with AI in HR management can help revolutionise employee-related activities and support scaling and business growth.

Scaling business with HR tech in mind

Successfully scaling your organisation and rapid business growth requires a solid operational foundation and efficient HR processes. Even if you are financially and strategically prepared to increase your company’s business reach and size, failing to adequately prepare for recruiting and onboarding new staff or expanding project and HR teams can be problematic. Dynamic business growth can undermine the company’s unique atmosphere and culture, as well as negatively affect employee experience and engagement, ultimately leading to increased staff turnover.

Moreover, since the company’s growth is also associated with the need to hire new specialists, the search for the best talent on the market becomes one of the top priorities of HR teams. Their task is not only to attract the best candidates, but also to integrate them smoothly into existing teams and ensure quality onboarding and easy access to key information.

All of this is time-consuming and adds to the workload of your internal HR team. Therefore, scaling your business usually involves hiring new HR and recruiting staff, which results in rising costs. A great way out of such a situation is to implement innovative AI solutions and integrate them with HR systems, applications, and databases that are already in place in the company.

Traditional HR systems and their challenges

Most companies with a large number of employees use various types of HR systems and applications to help collect, store, and manage all data relevant to human resources. These systems are used to collect information such as contract start and end dates, salary levels, types and number of days off available to the employee, notes from 1:1 conversations with the line manager, guidelines for further development of the employee, or planned and completed business trips and travel expenses.

In addition, they streamline the handling of simple matters and improve the execution of a whole range of HR processes, such as approval of vacation leave, logging of working hours, recording of overtime, managing the collection of days off for a national holiday, or arranging business trips, including booking accommodation and plane tickets.

Despite all these improvements, HR teams, especially in scaling companies, can still face additional questions from employees who need support or prefer direct communication. These questions are usually quite straightforward, and concern basic data stored in internal systems, e.g.:

  • How many days off does a particular employee have left?
  • Can they log overtime for a given project?
  • Until when do they have a signed contract?
  • What is the notice period of their employment contract?
  • Where can an invoice for travel expenses be sent?

Limitations of traditional HR systems mean that answering these types of questions requires interaction with HR departments. This can be time-consuming for both the employee and the HR specialist, and is not always efficient, especially when the human resources department is overloaded with work or unavailable due to other working hours or time zones. A helpful option in such situations is to integrate standard HR systems with innovative AI-based solutions, such as customised and constantly available chatbots.

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Greater access to HR data with AI chatbots

Implementation of tailored chatbots with AI in HR management and their integration with existing internal systems can be groundbreaking for fast-growing companies, regardless of the industry. With access to HR data collected in standard HR systems, a chatbot using AI and machine learning algorithms can quickly analyse and process the available information and based on this, easily respond to numerous employee inquiries. Such information can address individual HR data, company policies, available benefits, relevant internal procedures, or recommendations for further development of a particular employee. Using conversational AI can effectively reduce the workload of HR professionals and minimise the need for them to perform easy and repetitive tasks, giving them a chance to focus more on strategic issues.

AI chatbots can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional methods of communicating with the HR department. What’s more, the solution is available 24/7, so employees can get the information they need immediately without having to wait for the HR team to be available. This makes employees feel well taken care of, which positively impacts their job satisfaction and increases their efficiency and commitment to the company.

Introducing such automation in HR systems and processes can also reduce operational costs and increase organisational efficiency. It allows companies to manage more employees without augmenting staff numbers in the HR department, thus eliminating the increase of associated costs.

Implementing AI technology can help rapidly transform companies of all sizes. A thoughtful investment in AI solutions for HR can significantly help companies grow and scale. At Spyrosoft, we specialise in the implementation of AI chatbots and their integration with a company’s existing HR systems. Thanks to the use of AI, chatbots can automate routine tasks and repetitive processes, thus reducing the workload of HR teams. Importantly, they can also support employees 24/7 – by instantly answering questions and helping promptly resolve issues, they minimise work disruptions and positively impact engagement and productivity. – Daniel Zaborowski, Director of HR Tech at Spyrosoft

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Benefits of chatbots with AI in HR management

24/7 availability:

Chatbots provide access to HR information at any time of the day or night, which is especially beneficial for companies with teams working in different time zones or for employees working remotely. With this solution, employees can inquire about their HR details 24/7 and receive answers in real-time. In the case of simpler issues and information available directly in databases, the chatbot can eliminate the need to wait for answers from HR professionals, while freeing up more time for HR teams to pursue other activities.

Fast and precise responses:

Thanks to the ability to instantly search and analyse available HR datasets, chatbots using AI models can effectively provide precise answers to questions about days off, contract details, amount of overtime and much more. This solution not only saves time for employees searching for information, but also relieves the HR department of the need to answer repetitive questions, thereby cutting down on the number of easy or repeatable tasks and providing more room for strategic action.

Security and privacy:

The use of advanced and properly trained AI algorithms in the chatbot can ensure that it will verify the level of access to information of each inquirer, so that sensitive data cannot reach the wrong people. In this way, the chatbot will provide specific answers and information only to eligible and authorised employees, while maintaining full data security and confidentiality.

Flexibility and scalability:

AI chatbots in HR management provide flexibility, ensuring that as the company grows, HR teams are capable of handling increased numbers of employees. These solutions enable them to efficiently respond to the diverse needs of employees and adapt to changing business strategies. What’s more, with AI chatbots handling a higher volume of inquiries, companies can avoid increasing their HR staff and thus additional expenses.

Direct communication:

AI chatbots that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and have access to a company’s entire HR database can provide personalised communication with employees. These solutions adapt to employees’ individual needs and preferences for communication style, ensuring a human-like experience. By providing constant access to information, seamless communication, and personalised interactions, chatbots can make staff feel more relevant and cared for, which can result in greater employee engagement.

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Embrace AI in HR management with experienced tech partner

Integrating AI chatbots with HR systems is a step toward more efficient human resource management. These advanced solutions not only improve operational efficiency, but also contribute to greater employee satisfaction by providing swift and effortless access to information. For companies that want to grow and scale their operations without incurring high costs to expand their HR department, AI chatbots are the perfect solution.

So, if you’re keen to take advantage of AI in HR management or would like to learn more about how we can help you revolutionise employee management at your company, contact us via the form below.

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