When there is a dynamic market situation, demand for rapid product launches, and a high need for domain expertise, many companies opt to delegate non-core projects to external partners.

However, creating custom software by a service provider can be associated with some uncertainties about whether the contractor will be a good fit or if the money and time invested will pay off.

Find out how we deliver quality human-machine interface services that meet both the client’s and end users’ needs.

Human-machine interface solutions across various industries

We operate across various segments, wherever there is a need to communicate between man and machine. We cover areas such as:

  • Automotive: We offer HMI services for the automotive industry, such as IVI systems, digital clusters, connected car apps, AR applications, and diagnostic tools.
  • Heavy machinery: We specialise in designing custom equipment control panels and display solutions. We focus on enabling autonomous and remote operations, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture technologies to optimise resource utilisation.
  • Medical devices: We offer customised HMI solutions for medical devices, including EHR interfaces, surgical planning and navigation systems, and medical imaging applications. We also develop point-of-care apps for real-time decision-making and medical simulation/training tools for educating medical professionals.
  • Home appliances and consumer electronics: Our offer of HMI solutions for home appliances and consumer electronics includes smart home control systems, multimedia entertainment systems, and intuitive interfaces for smart appliances, wearable device applications, e-readers, and tablets. We focus on connected devices and IoT to improve device interoperability.
  • Financial services: We develop robust trading platforms, analytics tools, mobile banking applications, and cross-platform financial applications.
  • Maritime: We provide advanced HMI solutions for the maritime industry, which include navigation systems, vessel monitoring, weather and environmental monitoring, customised charting, maintenance and diagnostics systems, and training simulators.
  • Industry 4.0: Our HMI development services integrate with AR/VR technologies to improve user interaction and training. We also offer real-time remote monitoring and control solutions and cross-platform solutions that maintain functionality across various devices and systems.
  • Human-robot interaction: We provide HMI solutions for human-robot interaction, including intuitive control interfaces, robust maintenance and diagnostic tools, and precise path planning and navigation. We also offer remote monitoring and control services, as well as simulation and visualisation tools for enhanced training.

Cross-functional teams and holistic HMI engineering

With a dedicated team of 150 HMI developers, 175 QA manual and automation testers, 30 UX/UI designers, and over 1,000 programmers of various specialisations, we offer cross-functional expertise and holistic interface development from ideation to final product.

We cover every stage of HMI software development, such as:

  • UX/UI design and prototyping,
  • proof of concept delivery to validate your idea,
  • HMIs, clusters, and touch panels software development,
  • creation of simulators and digital twin solutions,
  • development of mobile, web, and desktop apps,
  • quality assurance activities, including integration and bench testing.

Technology and system agnosticism

We carefully assess each implementation based on specific needs and then choose a set of technologies that meets the requirements. If needed, we can set up workshop sessions to closely examine the essentials with the client and ensure we fully comprehend their exact requirements. We operate using agile methodologies, which allows us to be highly flexible and maintain a steady workflow, for example, by creating a CI/CD environment.

We are open to building solutions in different technologies and constantly develop our knowledge to keep up with trends in the HMI field. We have a history of successful partnerships with companies such as The Qt Group or Candera and a list of R&D and client projects using proven technologies such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Slint, or Flutter.

Industrial regulatory compliance

As a company with expertise in the most regulated domains such as automotive, medical, or industry 4.0, we work in accordance to standards, such as:

  • ISO 26262,
  • TISAX,
  • ISO 13485,
  • ISO 14971,
  • IEC 61508,
  • ISO 21434,
  • IEC 62443,
  • Cyber Essential Plus,
  • HIPAA,
  • SOC,
  • PCI-DSS,
  • GDPR.

You choose the engagement model

We offer our clients cooperation in several models, which include:

  • Consulting: We can advise you on a technology solution, prepare designs, and build proof of concept.
  • Product and project delivery: An end-to-end delivery with full responsibility over final results with a cross-functional team and regular project reporting.
  • Team extension: Augmentation of your team with our experts who adopt your processes and standards. Dedicated Service Delivery Manager and flexible team upsize or downsize to meet your needs and budget.
  • Support and maintenance: We can provide you with customer experience and support, as well as infrastructure and application maintenance services. Shared or dedicated team with a 24/7 availability option and guaranteed SLA.
  • Build-operate-transfer: A new development centre integrated into your company culture, with ownership handed to you.

The engagement type is selected during a meeting with the client, and we prepare a time estimate and an offer based on it. The fee for a specialist’s work varies between $60 and $100 per hour, and we can negotiate the price given the needed skillset or the length of the project. We can also agree on a fixed-price cooperation model.

Client-centric perspective

Our engagement model centres around understanding and meeting your needs with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. We integrate with your teams and systems in a way that feels like an extension of your in-house capabilities rather than an external imposition.

We adapt to your company’s needs in areas such as:

  • Budget and scope of work: We tailor our services to your financial capabilities, but always in a way that makes the best use of available resources.
  • Adapting the team to the current needs: We can involve required specialists to the team in the long or short term.
  • Quality of collaboration: We invest in good cooperation – you’re welcome at our offices, or our team can visit your site as often as needed.
  • Effective communication: We can adjust our working hours to your time zone.
  • Hardware: We can work on your devices as well as ours (with all security rules in place). To launch the project as quickly as possible, we can also purchase the target hardware on-site.

What does the cooperation look like?

HMI cooperation process

Discovery workshops

The first step is meeting with the client to discuss their needs. We talk about devices that the HMI software will supplement and the development plans, and based on this information, we prepare a discovery workshop. During workshop sessions, we work with the client’s stakeholders to go through case studies, present technologies that we believe are well suited to the project’s requirements, and offer advice on the solution choice. Once we have all the information, we can move toward proof of concept, minimum viable product, or full-product delivery.

Effortless onboarding

Integrating our team into your project is seamless and straightforward right from the beginning. With minimal paperwork and setup, we quickly align with your objectives and project requirements.

Our company culture is adaptable, allowing us to form effective cross-functional teams swiftly. Depending on the project’s needs, we can initiate a project with a single lead who will create the team after thoroughly investigating the project. We conduct the onboarding process either remotely or on your premises, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

Dedicated project management

The entire collaboration is overseen by a dedicated project manager – an expert with domain and technological knowledge and an understanding of business needs. They will ensure that your project is executed smoothly and that communication between our technical team and your stakeholders is efficient. The manager will serve as your primary point of contact, coordinating with our team to ensure your needs and expectations are met without requiring your constant attention.

An essential element of the collaboration is Steering Committee meetings, which the project manager conducts monthly or quarterly. These meetings bring together key stakeholders to review project status, discuss risks, resolve high-impact issues, and decide on project direction and resource allocation. During SteerCo meetings, we also present opportunities for improvement that we have encountered during day-to-day work.

Agile and adaptive approach

Our agile methodology is not just a framework but a fundamental part of how we deliver value quickly and efficiently. This approach allows for flexibility and rapid adaptation to changes without disrupting your existing processes. For us, the agile approach goes far beyond task planning and covers areas such as budgeting, expanding or downsizing the team, or the rapid start of new projects.

Continuous delivery and demonstration

We provide regular demonstrations and progress reports to keep you informed about the development process. This way, you can redirect efforts, if necessary, without making significant investments in time or resources.

HMI agile approach

Tests and quality assurance

We put great emphasis on the quality assurance. We begin with unit tests to validate each component’s functionality, followed by integration tests to ensure seamless interaction between components. We evaluate the software’s performance in a simulated environment and run bench tests to assess the software under various stress conditions. This comprehensive approach ensures our HMI software meets high quality and performance standards.

Post-implementation support

Our maintenance service is designed to provide you with a seamless customer experience and comprehensive technical support. We offer infrastructure and application maintenance to ensure your systems are always up-to-date and running efficiently. Our service includes a guaranteed SLA with a 24/7 support option to ensure global availability and timely assistance. You can choose between shared or dedicated support teams, which allows for service level and focus flexibility.

Business cases around human-machine interface solutions

WesAudio: HMI design and development

WesAudio, a Polish manufacturer of professional audio equipment, engaged in updating the desktop applications for their _PROMETHEUS and _HYPERION equalisers. They aimed to modernise the interfaces to enhance digital audio workflows and adopt a digital aesthetic over the traditional analogue look. Partnering with a team skilled in UX/UI design and frontend development using Slint, they overhauled the interfaces while maintaining existing functionalities. The revamp was successful, receiving positive user feedback, and set a precedent for future product interfaces, contributing to WesAudio’s ongoing market leadership and product development.

Spyrosoft supported us in revamping the human-machine interface for the professional audio equipment we produce. They assisted us in selecting a frontend technology to enhance performance and prepared and developed designs that improved usability. Having seen their previous HMI implementations, we knew our project was in good hands. The execution was very smooth, and the outcome was well-received by the end-users of our equipment – Michal Weglicki, Co-owner of WesAudio

Read the whole case study: HMI design and development for professional audio equipment

Robot arm sample demo for The Qt Company

This project aimed to create a sample demo presenting the capabilities of the Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator with the new Qt version 6.4. The project needed to utilise specific Qt elements like adapting to mobile and desktop screens, timeline animation, and operating a 3D model or Qt Quick Controls. We took charge of the project, handling the concepts, UI/UX design, 3D modelling, and preparing the final project. Our deliverables included a 3D robot arm model, fully operational projects, and a manual for building and running the demo sample.

We prioritise working with partners who are focused on constant skill development, creating new services, and driving innovations, and Spyrosoft is one of them. They have provided us with a reliable and proficient team of professionals that swiftly validate and transform our ideas into practical and effective software solutions – Risto Avila, Vice President of Professional Services at Qt Group.

Read the whole case study: The Qt Company: robot arm sample demo


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