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Qt Group is a global software company with a strong presence in over 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind 1+ billion devices and applications.  

The technology developed by Qt enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives. Qt achieves this through its cross-platform software framework for the development of apps and devices, under both commercial and open-source licenses, across all operating systems, platforms, and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to business-critical applications, in-vehicle systems, wearables, and mobile devices connected to the Internet of Things. 

Qt technology is used by approximately one million developers worldwide.


  • HMI development
  • UI/UX design
  • 3D modelling


  • 1 Project manager
  • 2 C++ Software Engineers
  • 1 Product Designer


  • Qt
  • C++

The challenge 

The project goal was to deliver a fully operational sample project, which can be opened both in Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator with the new Qt version 6.4. The project has to use specific Qt elements like adapting to mobile and desktop screens, timeline animation, operating a 3D model or Qt Quick Controls. 

The Qt Design Studio is a tool for creating functional user interfaces. A design created, for example, in Figma or Photoshop, can easily be imported to Qt Design Studio, which then outputs a functional user interface as code ready for developers to use, making integration and cooperation a breeze.  

The Qt Company’s goal was to show how easy to use and powerful a tool for UI/UX Designers is in the Qt Design Studio. What is more, the same project can be used later in Qt Creator to give a final touch to the UI. This allows for fast application development with Qt technology. 

The process & solution

Spyrosoft team was responsible for all aspects of the project, from the concept phase, through UI/UX design and 3D modelling, to preparing the final Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator project. 

Our deliverables were: 

  • 3D robot arm model 
  • fully operational Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator project, 
  • manual for building and running the demo sample. 

The team responsible for the project consisted of a Project manager, two C++ Software Engineers and a Product Designer. 

The project started with a meeting with the client, where the needs and requirements for the Robot Arm example were discussed. A lot of focus was placed on the simplicity of the design and architecture; thus the functionalities had to be limited. 

Our team, in cooperation with the client, prepared an outline for the functionalities. On this basis, our Product Designer created the designs using materials provided by the client. After accepting the designs, the development work began. The functionalities were created in iterations. The next stages of development were presented at weekly meetings with the client. 

The results 

How we built the Robot Arm example in Qt Design Studio

The Robot Arm example created by the Spyrosoft Synergy team shows how 2D elements can nicely control 3D elements like the robot arm. Furthermore, it shows how to integrate a C++ backend and mock it up using QML for Qt Design Studio. 

Thanks to agile team cooperation and using Qt technologies, the project was completed on time and within the planned budget.  

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