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WesAudio is a Poland-based company that specialises in producing professional audio equipment. They distribute their products to the United States, Europe, Oceania, and the Far East countries. Their devices are used by audio engineers for professional audio post-production as well as for sound systems during concert tours of global stars such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, or Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


  • UX/UI design
  • Frontend development


  • Slint

Challenge and business need

WesAudio decided to revamp the desktop applications (DAW plugins) for two of its devices: _PROMETHEUS and _HYPERION equalisers. The goal was to make interfaces better suited for modern digital audio workflows, which will help the company stay ahead in the market.

The previous human-machine interfaces (HMIs) had performance issues while handling complex operations due to the technological limitations of the frontend framework. Additionally, the pro audio industry is moving from analogue-looking designs towards more digital ones, and WesAudio wanted to refresh the look of the interfaces to make them more attractive and user-friendly.

Also, the implementation of applications for the two already on-the-market devices was to gather users’ feedback about the change and open the way for designing human-machine interfaces for subsequent products.

Spyrosoft supported us in revamping the human-machine interface for the professional audio equipment we produce. They assisted us in selecting a frontend technology to enhance performance and prepared and developed designs that improved usability. Having seen their previous HMI implementations, we knew our project was in good hands. The execution was very smooth, and the outcome was well-received by the end-users of our equipment.

Michal Weglicki

Co-owner of WesAudio

Our responsibilities

The client wanted to update the application’s interface and switch technologies while retaining all existing functionalities.

We assisted them in selecting a framework, ultimately choosing Slint – a modern, open-source user interface toolkit known for its efficiency, compactness, and portability, which also met the client’s needs in terms of development and maintenance costs, clear licensing terms, and committed technical support on the provider side.

The most significant aspect of the project on our end was designing the interface proposal that would meet all of the end-users requirements. The client provided design inspirations, enabling our UX/UI specialist to conduct further research and prepare a moodboard. During a meeting with the client, we discussed the moodboard and determined the project’s direction. The next step involved preparing the interface segments and putting elements together to show how they would work as a whole. Once the project was approved, the designer developed additional components and assembled the final look of both the _PROMETHEUS and _HYPERION interfaces.

Then, the project was handed over to a software developer, who coded the frontend in C++ using Slint tools. If needed, the developer contacted Slint directly for any support.

Our team was meeting with WesAudio twice a week to report progress and plan subsequent tasks. After developing and testing the frontend layer, we delivered the product to the client, who then independently integrated the application with hardware, with our team available for support if necessary.

The result

The updated interface was well-received by WesAudio end-customers. Preparing designs for these two products has streamlined the development process for subsequent interfaces, such as the newly introduced _HYPERION ECLIPSE.

Our collaboration with WesAudio continues, encompassing the design of applications for upcoming sound system devices.


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Przemysław Krzywania

Przemysław Krzywania

HMI Director

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