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Designing daily HMI interactions across industries

Wavey HMI


We help the automotive industry adapt to processes that take into account cockpit design, infotainment interactions and third-party connectivity when designing a modern car experience. We also open the door to quicker feature software deployment.

QT development services - financial services

Financial services

We support you by providing empowering financial platforms with high-performance UIs, secure banking applications, and cross-platform mobile banking that leverages biometric authentication for robust user security.

Qt development services - Maritime


We enhance seafaring with custom-made ECDIS systems and intuitive Qt navigation. We provide AIS integration for real-time tracking and implement monitoring solutions for vessel efficiency and environmental safety.

Heavy Machinery HMI

Heavy machinery & agriculture

As HMIs become more powerful, they transform from controlling a single machine to plant-wide control schemes resembling SCADA systems. We help clients create such systems with the goal of delivering critical information in the most efficient manner.

Medical devices

As medical science is becoming more saturated with the latest technology, we help businesses translate traditional medical processes and documentation onto new environments while focusing on medical staff efficiency and patient health and safety.

Qt development services - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Elevate maintenance with AR for real-time support, utilise VR for immersive training simulations, create seamless operator-machine interfaces, and advance industrial insights with dynamic data visualisation.

Smart home HMI

Customer electronics

The modern home is a highly connected environment, with device-user interaction often happening outside the comforts of our house and involving external applications. We help businesses find the connections and build modern living ecosystems.

Qt development services - Human-robot interactions

Human-robot interaction

We design HMIs for robot collaboration, integrate voice/gesture recognition for natural interactions, and fuse sensor data for enhanced robotic perception controlled with Qt technology.

Time to give your Qt-based solution a boost

Qt provides a holistic approach to creating user interface solutions for various platforms and devices, thus is one of the most favoured technologies when it comes to developing human-machine communication products.

While Qt’s comprehensiveness brings advantages, it also introduces challenges. These include staying updated with version upgrades, integrating with other technologies, creating custom Qt components for unique needs, optimising code for scalability and maintainability, and in-house Qt expertise, which may potentially be lacking, all of which can impact project efficiency.


Professional Qt services to elevate your product

With the Qt service, you benefit from the expertise of Spyrosoft’s engineers to implement and improve your human-machine interface product. With a dedicated team of 70 Qt engineers, 20 Squish developers, 30 UI designers and more than 1,000 programmers of various specialisations, we offer cross-functional expertise and holistic interface development from ideation to final product. 

You choose the way we cooperate; our people can work on a dedicated project or augment your team. With our experience in co-developing the Qt Framework, we know how to utilise the technology to make you proud of your product.


Qt development

Whether you need a new Qt application, a UI/UX redesign, or integration of Qt into your existing software, our experts have the skills and expertise to bring your ideas to life.


Ongoing support and maintenance

Focus on your core business operations while we provide reliable ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring your Qt applications’ long-term performance and stability.


Qt training and workshops

Empower your team with Qt skills through our hands-on training and workshops. From beginner to advanced levels, our sessions, facilitated by our Qt contributors, will sharpen your Qt expertise and accelerate your development capabilities.

What can you expect from Spyrosoft?


Cost-effective project realisation

We provide services on a time & material and fixed-price basis. Before starting a cooperation, we prepare a detailed quotation considering the scope of work or the team’s seniority. Cost-wise, our services are a good alternative to hiring in-house specialists.


Cooperation method tailored to your needs

We discuss the project’s needs during a meeting and prepare a detailed offer. After a joint review, we start cooperation in a methodology that suits you (such as kanban, scrum, agile, or waterfall) and a model that meets your company’s needs (outsourcing, team extension, or built-operate-transfer).


A team with vast Qt experience

We are involved in developing the Qt Framework, so we know the technology inside-out. Spyrosoft cares about its employees’ high level of knowledge, and our teams are experienced technically and collaboratively through commercial projects and internal R&D initiatives. We advise you on which specialists from our team should be involved in the project, and you make the final decision.


Smooth onboarding and collaboration

Our company culture allows us to form effective cross-domain teams quickly. Regarding the project’s needs, we can launch a project with a single lead, who will further form the team after diving into the project. We conduct onboarding remotely or at your premises.

Why choose Spyrosoft?


Qt/AML engineers


C++ engineers


Qt technology trainers


Squish engineers


Qt products contributors


size of Spyrosoft Qt teams

Our certificates

We work according to the most demanding standards of automotive, medical and industry 4.0.


We prioritise working with partners who are focused on constant skill development, creating new services, and driving innovations, and Spyrosoft is one of them. They have provided us with a reliable and proficient team of professionals that swiftly validate and transform our ideas into practical and effective software solutions built using Qt Framework.

Risto Avila

Vice President, Professional Services at Qt Group

We value partners that focus on continuous competence development, building up new services and making innovations. With Spyrosoft we have access to a trusted pool of professionals, a team that is able to take our ideas, validate them quickly and turn into viable software solutions.

Petri Lehmus

Former Vice President, Professional Services at The Qt Company

Spyrosoft supported us in revamping the human-machine interface for the professional audio equipment we produce. They assisted us in selecting a frontend technology to enhance performance and prepared and developed designs that improved usability. Having seen their previous HMI implementations, we knew our project was in good hands.

Michal Weglicki

Co-owner of WesAudio




Wavey is a gesture-controlled in-vehicle infotainment system. The IVI application is operated not from the large but from an external control screen located between the seats at an angle of about 30 degrees. 

In addition to hardware and low-level layer, we provided an excellent product presentation. The interface had to be intuitive and clear-cut to keep the driver focused on the road. We used Qt technology, as it’s a good framework for creating such complex projects. On the backend, we implemented a microHMI architecture to maintain more flexibility in the development process. 

Dojo initiative: Wavey, a gesture-controlled IVI system



The product represents a digital twin of a mini excavator. The HMI tracks the device’s operation in real-time and interacts with it via a dedicated application.

The idea was to provide support for heavy or agricultural machinery as the concept could further be transferred to other devices. In the case of an excavator’s digital twin, the project helps the operator to control the machine’s position better, and enables the construction manager to monitor and access real-time information about the device, even in a different geographical area.

HMI Dojo initiative: a digital twin development in Unreal Engine 5


PoC made in Qt Quick 3D

A company operating in the construction, geospatial and agriculture industries needed an update on their HMI solution. We prepared a proof of concept to verify if Qt was the right technology to answer their needs. Without introducing a revolution in the existing HMI functionalities, we redesigned the view to increase the user experience and make it easier to navigate.

An interactive excavator demo made in Qt Quick 3D in less than two hours


HMI design and development for professional audio equipment

WesAudio, a Polish company specialising in professional audio equipment, partnered with Spyrosoft to modernise desktop applications for their PROMETHEUS and HYPERION equalizers. Spyrosoft assisted in selecting Slint frontend technology and collaborated closely to enhance interfaces for modern digital audio workflows. Continuing their collaboration, Spyrosoft supports WesAudio in designing applications for upcoming sound system devices.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Finding specialists to employ in-house is a costly and time-consuming process. We already have experienced people who know the technology and who participate in its development. We also work alongside specialists from The Qt Company.
    Considering the hidden costs of implementing a project, such as introducing an employee to the team, licences or distributions, outsourcing often proves to be the more cost-friendly solution.

    We have offices in Europe, Asia and both Americas, allowing us to work within your time zone. When accepting a project, we always comply with the legal requirements of the client’s country or geographic area.

    Factors such as your years of presence on the market, the scope of the project or the size of your team are no barrier to our cooperation. We are at your disposal if you are using Qt technology and want to scale your product. We adapt the scope of work individually to your current needs.

    Yes, for security reasons, we work via VPN. During the onboarding process, we help you with setting up the VPN.

    We help you define requirements for engineers and the scope of work. We’re present at every project stage, especially in the first stage, which is the foundation for further implementation.

    Yes, depending on your needs, we can offer you an initial workshop to kick off the cooperation.