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Build high-quality, feature-rich and user-friendly applications 

With a team of 60+ highly skilled Qt and QML developers, we have the expertise to create powerful, cross-platform, unique applications. 

Elevate your team’s Qt skills with our comprehensive training and workshops

Our experienced trainers, who are also Qt contributors, provide hands-on sessions that empower your team with the latest techniques and best practices in Qt development.

Ensure your Qt app is well-tested and fully functional

Quality is paramount in software development. Our team includes more than 10 skilled QA Squish engineers who rigorously test your Qt applications to ensure it functions seamlessly. 

Our solutions are tailored to your specific requirements

Every project is unique, and our custom solutions are designed to align with your specific requirements. From conceptualisation to deployment, we work closely with you to deliver Qt applications that exceed your expectations.

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Qt Development

Whether you need a new Qt application, a UI/UX redesign, or to integrate Qt into your existing software, our experts have the skills and expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Focus on your core business operations while we provide reliable ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring the long-term performance and stability of your Qt applications 

Qt Training and Workshops

Empower your team with Qt skills through our hands-on training and workshops. From beginner to advanced levels, our sessions, facilitated by our Qt contributors, will sharpen your Qt expertise and accelerate your development capabilities. 


Wavey, a gesture-controlled IVI system

In-vehicle infotainment screens have become more and more extensive. Some of them take up almost the entire front dashboard of the car. Handling such a large area may be troublesome when driving, so the idea of controlling the car system with gestures without taking eyes off the road was developed.

Wavey is an IVI system that is operated not from the large screen but from an external tablet located between the seats at an angle of about 30 degrees. We developed it using Qt technology, as it’s a good framework for creating such complex projects.

We launched the project as an initiative within Dojo – our purpose-based R&D.

Wavey, a gesture-controlled IVI system


Partner with a committed Qt Contributor and Qt Group Partner

We are proud contributors to the Qt ecosystem, actively participating in the growth and advancement of the framework. Additionally, Spyrosoft is a trusted partner of the Qt Group, further reinforcing our commitment to Qt technology.  

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Spyrosoft Synergy and Qt


An interactive excavator demo made in Qt Quick 3D

As part of our partnership with The Qt Company, we started a cooperation with a firm that develops solutions for the geospatial, construction, and agriculture industries.

The client wanted to modernise the UX and UI layer of the HMI software for the tablet to make it more attractive for the global market. They decided to leverage the Qt technology to create a better interface.

To test whether the technology would meet the client’s requirements, we’ve decided on a proof of concept –an HMI application demo to showcase our skills in Qt technology and present a vision for upgrading the existing user interface.

Without introducing a revolution in the functionalities, we redesigned the view to increase the user experience and make it easier to navigate.


We prioritise working with partners who are focused on constant skill development, creating new services, and driving innovations, and Spyrosoft is one of them. They have provided us with a reliable and proficient team of professionals that swiftly validate and transform our ideas into practical and effective software solutions built using Qt Framework.

Risto Avila Former Vice President, Professional Services at Qt Group

We value partners that focus on continuous competence development, building up new services and making innovations. With Spyrosoft we have access to a trusted pool of professionals, a team that is able to take our ideas, validate them quickly and turn into viable software solutions.

Petri Lehmus Former Vice President, Professional Services at The Qt Company


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