Whether your business is small or big, you can benefit from the leading industry standards using Salesforce Sales Cloud. There are many CRMs, but Salesforce is the most popular one. Giants as well as middle and small-size companies use it to boost Sales Teams. Let me show you a couple of the must-have, but not obvious functions of Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

Automation and Productivity 

With point-to-click tools, you can easily automate many tasks – sending an email, creating a task, or reassigning a lead to another team member can be easily configured with Flow or Process Builder. Sales Reps don’t need to spend hours doing repeatable activities. Large deals can go through an approval process, another Salesforce automation tool.  Records can be approved/declined, sent to update, etc. Since you are still on the same platform, all the tools work together perfectly.  

Imagine the following use case: When a new lead comes, there is a need to capture additional details and send the lead for approval to the Sales Team Leader. When the lead is approved, a text message needs to be sent back to the Sales Team. In Salesforce, it is all streamlined with Flows, Approvals, and Chatter!  


With the Salesforce Mobile app (distributed for free) sales team can collaborate on leads and work anywhere. Salesforce makes it easy to log activities, update records, etc. The app is customizable and can be updated to meet your needs. It also supports the offline mode, so the lack of Internet connection is not an issue anymore.  

We have seen many Sales Cloud implementations in the past, and unfortunately, the mobile experience is not always considered. Our approach is to start with mobile and then go to desktop as we believe in the mobile-first approach.  

Get smart 

Not everyone is aware of the Sales Cloud Einstein capabilities. Features like: lead scoring, next best action, or insights can help you unlock the tool’s full potential. The common thinking says AI can be used only for giants because it needs data. That’s true, but not in Salesforce. With Salesforce Einstein, you can benefit from all the data and learning models Salesforce runs for its customers. Think about the scale. Salesforce has 500k customers worldwide!  

Connect with an Expert 

Mid-size companies are not keen to invest in Salesforce, mainly due to the lack of experts beyond the corporate world. This is not always true. In Spyrosoft, we come from big4 companies, but we work for small enterprises, too. We can connect our experience with your business needs. Do not hesitate to connect with us and use our consultancy services.  


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About the author

Michał Gronowski

Michal Gronowski

Head of Salesforce