Upscale your IT project delivery

With Build-Operate-Transfer, you can establish remote operations for your company to optimise the costs, extend your business capacity and acquire hard-to-find competencies.


How it works

Build-Operate-Transfer is a partnership model that allows you to quickly extend your operational capabilities. With support from your nearshore/offshore business partner, you set up a development centre abroad, hire new people locally and then include them back into your company.

15 £


Annual IT outsourcing spend across the UK’s largest IT services users

75 %

The percentage of UK companies that worry about retaining their intellectual property

74 %

The percentage of UK that want to keep agile ways of working when they outsource


The Build stage of the Build-Operate-Transfer engagement model is all about creating an offshore team and equipping it with everything it needs to become successful. This includes tangible (digital devices, office space) and intangible (knowledge transfer) assets. Both are managed by Spyrosoft.

This stage is crucial for the whole collaboration be completed effectively and in an agreed timeframe. It usually lasts 1 – 3 months, although if the potential team members are ready to be onboarded, as is the case at Spyrosoft, it can be shortened to 1 – 2 weeks.

What’s important, the Build stage can be offered on its own, contrary to the other two phases of the model.

Shorter time-to-market

Cost savings


"Our team in Wroclaw is an extension of the team based in another location, we do not replace anyone in terms of competences or team functions. We are a part of different teams working on various projects. This means also that we have contact with the end customers. "

Dagmara Tluszcz, Site Manager at GOD mbH


This stage includes expanding the team if and when necessary as well as process implementation to ensure the technical abilities of the team and the project’s business maturity. Towards the end of this phase the transfer of the lead programmers and team leaders into the partner’s company may also be scheduled.

The goal here is achieving a stable and a fully operational development process. This will be crucial down the line when you move to the Transfer stage and will make this stage smoother.

State-of-the-art technologies

Ability to rapidly scale


"We really feel that we’re getting a great service for what we were paying. The whole thing is transparent at all times and the responsibilities were set as clearly as possible, with, for example, the recruitment process covered by Spyrosoft in its entirety. "

Oluf Riddersholm, former Chief Financial Officer at TrackMan


The Transfer stage is the closing stage of the Build-Operate-Transfer model where after a thorough review, the teams that have been working on your project are now being included in your company.

Your vendor’s employees are now employed by you. If everything goes well in the two earlier stages, this stage should be straightforward.

Effortless onboarding

Lower talent retention


"As for the Transfer stage, we were simply ready to scale at one point into the collaboration. We wanted to show our customers how quickly we can get new teams onboarded. In Germany - with its limited pool of developers - it would never be possible to set up a team in 1 – 2 months."

Igor Krahne, CEO at GOD mbH

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