Build Operate Transfer

In this installment of our Build-Operate-Transfer series, we’re interviewing Dagmara Tluszcz, Site Manager at GOD mbH. In this article, she discussed the collaboration between teams from Germany and Poland and the benefits of BOT.

How would you describe the overall collaboration flow between Polish and German locations? 

Well, there is a lot to describe when it comes to operational level of this collaboration. The most important fact is that we operate strictly within the rules set up by our German partner, GOD mbH. We are fully adjusted in terms of procedures, tools we use and the communication channels. We are even located in a separate office to stay in line with the required security standards.  

Our team in Wroclaw is an extension of the team in other locations, we do not replace anyone in terms of competences or team functions. We are a part of different teams working on various projects. This means also that we have a contact with the end customers 

What are the areas that you are responsible for? 

When it comes to human resources management operations, we are fully responsible for the line management and recruitment processes. We are independent in any personal development projects as well, anything that has a direct impact on the team in Poland. 

How does the cooperation look like on a daily basis? 

We all are a part of the same organisationThe majority of the teams is mixed – including both German and Polish developers – so I can say we are well integrated with oucolleagues in Germanynot only on a team level but also on a personal level.  

We simply trust, learn and help each other. It’s reflected in bottom-up internal projects  initiated by the team members from both countriesWe do not see any distance between people. It often happens that some of the team collaboration turn into friendships, with people making private trips to spend some time together. 

What are the benefits of such a cooperation? 

I would say the greatest one is the synergy effect. Within these mixed teams, we can share our knowledge and professional experience and learn from each other. We can see the dynamics of the mixed teams are better – there are more new ideas on the table, thanks to the value we all add.  

Within the working framework set up by GOD mbH and the processes defined by the client, our collaboration is enriched by the synergy of different cultures. 

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