Salesforce B2B Commerce is an “out-of-the-box” solution, that in most, cases has to be tailored to an individual client’s needs. Our team has a lot of experience in adjusting and extending the functionalities to specific requirements of our clients. Based on our expertise and knowledge gained throughout the years, we’ve built a proven framework, consisting of certain tools and processes, that allows us to quickly and effectively implement the required changes in the Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning environment.  

This framework served as a base for creating the Advanced Promotions extension – an effortless and simple way to extend your current Salesforce B2B Commerce solution with a wide range of promotions features to support your campaigns.  

Learn more about its functionalities from the below interview with Michał Gronowski, Principal Salesforce software engineer at Spyrosoft.  

What are the functionalities of the Advanced Promotions extension?  

Michał Gronowski: The extension expands the functionalities of Salesforce B2B Commerce based on the most common requests from our clients related to the Salesforce promotions mechanism. The main functionalities include: 

  • Welcome coupons 
  • Fix and percentage promotions and coupons 
  • Multiple promotions for one cart  
  • Volume discounts based on multiple orders 
  • “Buy X, get Y for free” 
  • “Buy X + Z, get Y for free” 
  • Engage customers with marketing extensions (emails, banners, integration with Marketing Cloud) 
  • Target Promotions with Audiences 
  • Integration with Google Analytics 4 

… and more.  

he out-of-the-box solution offered by Salesforce and tailor it to your sales goals in a shorter time, within a smaller budget and with much less effortThe extension allows saving a significant amount of time and money that normally would have been spent on the development of the functionalities mentioned above. Thanks to our proven framework, on which the extension is based, you can customise t.  

What are the plans for the further development of the extension? 

MG: We’re currently working on the second release that will include more features. We have a backlog full of ideas for new functionalities based on the feedback and needs communicated by our clients.  

What does the implementation process look like?  

MG: Before the implementation, we always analyse the needs, goals and expectations of the client, which determine the implementation process.  

If the client’s Salesforce solution hasn’t been much customised, our development team is able to install, configure and integrate the extension with the existing system right away. 

If the Salesforce solution currently used by the client has already been customised to their needs, our development team has to thoroughly analyse the existing system first. Together with the client, we prepare an implementation plan that is in accordance with their needs and goals related to the intended promotional activities.  

Extend your Salesforce B2B Commerce solution with advanced promotions features  

Create advanced promotional mechanisms to increase your product sales with ease. Save time and money on developing extra features to support complex promotions tailored to your sales goals from scratch. Thanks to the fact, that the extension is built on our proven framework, the process is much more straightforward and faster as we can use pre-written pieces of code.  

Contact Michał Gronowski, using the form below to find out more details or visit our Salesforce offering page.

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