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Bridging the gap between business and technology

Spyrosoft is a software delivery company that combines technological knowledge with deep understanding of the Financial Sector. In our portfolio we have projects online and mobile banking, debt management and self-service. We are also specialised in process automation, omnichannel solutions, decision process automation, AI/ML and Business Intelligence services.
Our work focuses on delivering outstanding projects with highest security standards that are in line with our clients requirements as well as local and global regulations.
In 2021 and 2022 we were named one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Europe by the Financial Times.

How we can help you overcome your challenges

Being in line with design standards and safety regulations

With the ever-growing need for better user experience and security standards, many financial systems, that have been undergoing only minor changes over the years, do not meet the market demands.

At Spyrosoft we have experts from UX/UI design, cybersecurity, project management at instant disposal to make sure that our team consists of specialists that perfectly match your current needs for modern design and high security standards.

System optimization and technological debt management

Creating a solution completely from scratch may sometimes be out of reach due to budget limitations, a need for instant improvements or lack of engineers onboard that could undertake such a task.

Over the years we have developed a holistic approach to those problems that is characterised by an iterative implementation. It simply means that we find out everything that needs to be improved but tackle only the most crucial parts first for instant improvement.

System that does not meets internal requirements

An old system may not be able to keep up with business needs and requirements as it is difficult automate it or add new functionalities by the internal IT team.

With years of experience in financial sector we noticed that being a third party allows us to look at those problems from a perspective and create a plan that satisfies both the business and the engineers.

Areas of solution re-design and modernisation


Modernisation of infrastructure for improved scalability and efficiency

It might be a migration to Cloud using cloud-native or hybrid solutions introducing automation for cost optimisation and better time management. It gives the system better resilience in crisis situation and improves threat immunity.


UX / UI redesign and modernisation

Improving system design equals better system usability, enhanced data presentation and a more user-friendly environment. We will provide a highly skilled design team and engineers fluent in Omnichannel solutions design, including web, mobile or HMI experience.


Data Modelling

Our clients work on large amounts of data on a daily basis. We are able to introduce adaptation and cognitive services (AI/ML) that will improve data usage and prediction. We can also implement decision process automation which eliminates long and complicated manual processes and as a result improves efficiency and user experience.


Data warehouse analysis and recommendation

Besides deep analysis we conduct a research of best external service providers while maintaining ownership of the integration process. We will prepare an architecture design, create a list of opportunities for services integration and aggregation.


Processes optimisation and automation

When building solutions for business we focus on creating and modifying processes that shorten the time to market. Supported by data analysis we are able to create custom solution or customize commercial products.


Cybersecurity services

We know how data security, compliance with regulation and resilience is crucial to our clients, as financial sector is highly regulated. It is necessary to take care of cybersecurity across the organization from both backend and production perspective. With our team of experts, we can offer penetration testing, code review, threat modeling and vulnerability assessment services.


Agile processes implementation

Agile approach to software development across organisation results in best practices and standards adoption supporting efficiency and innovation. It also improves software development processes while helping our customers with engineers' retention.


New technologies and tools adaptation

We learnt that the modernisation of tools, frameworks and libraries can reduce the technological debt our clients struggle with. What we can also offer is Low Code platforms adaptation across the organisation.

How we approach the process

Requirements and Analysis

During the very first stage we focus on learning what exactly are your expectations towards the new project. Next, we conduct a thorough analysis of your processes and system to create a roadmap for planned activities.

Cost estimation and technology recommendation

After you accept the list of priorities it is time to estimate costs and time needed to finalize the project. We choose our best engineers to closely cooperate with your business and IT representatives and create a list of technologies we recommend for the project.

System implementation and deployment

After both parties agree upon the established plan, we move to its implementation. After building the solution by our team of experts, we evaluate the quality of the software, and fix any bugs that we find. When the system is ready we deploy it on the production, hand over the documentation and monitor the results.


After the deployment phase we make sure that there is a dedicated team that will be in constant contact with the client of there is a need for any further changes. If everything goes well we can either finish at maintenance or take upon next challenge and another problem.

What makes us different other companies


Holistic approach

We look at your problem from different perspectives during our thorough analysis to make sure that our solution meets all the requirements and is tailored to your needs.


Vast domain knowledge

Thanks to our experiences in the past banking and debt-collection projects we we know how to build custom solutions that will improve your results while in line with financial standards and regulations.


Technology expertise

In each project we make sure to use the newest technologies such as Power BI solutions, AI/ML, Cloud Services or Cybersecurity that match client’s needs, improve their results, lower the costs, and increase the security.


Consulting services

With a team of specialists, we leave no stone unturned until we come up with a list of priorities that match your needs. After agreeing on what we should tackle first, we advise you on the best solution and technology to make sure it resolves your problem—all within set budget and time scope.


Business Intelligence services

Our BI services include a wide spectrum of solutions, beginning with data integration with unstructured data sources, through creating efficient and productive reporting processes to process and data mining.


Undisturbed business continuity

We are able to implement changes in the background. You may constantly use the system uninterrupted while we improve or create a new solution simultaneously without you even noticing it.


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