EnerSys ACE® IQ App

Seamless battery management solution

A Mobile app and a cloud system called ACE (Advanced Connected Energy) for wireless real-time and historical battery performance data retrieval.

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Energy solutions

EnerSys is a global leader in stored energy solutions, offering a wide range of products and services for industrial applications. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the company serves customers in over 100 countries. EnerSys is known for its reliable and high-performance batteries, chargers, and accessories, supported by comprehensive customer support and service.

Challenges and business needs

In today’s world, there’s a growing demand for increased power to effectively support the numerous electronic systems operating within our vehicles. From air conditioning and radio to navigation, lighting, doors, seats, and multimedia, the array of systems continues to expand. Whether you’re driving a personal car, a heavy-duty truck, or find yourself needing to start your engine in challenging conditions, having a dependable battery is essential. Understanding battery performance is therefore paramount. But do we always need to consult an expert to ensure our battery is in good condition and ready for use? Not necessarily. That’s why EnerSys has integrated BLE communication technology into their transportation batteries, providing customers with convenient and easily manageable access to battery performance data.

EnerSys has already developed a mobile app and cloud system called ACE (Advanced Connected Energy) that allows users to wirelessly download real-time and historical battery performance data, both locally via a smartphone app and remotely via a service on cloud. EnerSys ACE® improves the efficiency of energy management at every stage of the process, from storage through installation and operation to battery replacement. The user connects to the batteries wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

EnerSys ACE® has been successfully implemented at power telecommunications stations. Bringing telecommunications solutions to transportation applications became our challenge with the introduction of EnerSys ACE® IQ.

Our services and responsibilities

Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development, we built the EnerSys ACE® IQ app from the ground up, utilising the latest technologies and best practices. Our goal was to deliver a robust and feature-rich app that met Enersys’ requirements and exceeded their expectations. We also focused on creating a user-centric design for the EnerSys ACE® IQ app, ensuring that it provided an intuitive and seamless experience for users. By prioritising usability and visual appeal, we aimed to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

The result

The EnerSys ACE® IQ application communicates with EnerSys ACE® batteries equipped with an integrated chip via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. With Bluetooth communication, you can check the battery status remotely from up to 30 metres away. The app synchronises data automatically and continuously from the battery sensor, ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate information is displayed. The app provides full control over the status of the EnerSys ACE® battery, including performance data, usage recommendations to extend battery life, prevent failures, and maximise performance.

Without the hassle of cables, the EnerSys ACE® IQ app puts all the battery information you need at your fingertips in minutes.

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