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Mobile and web accounting solution for ING Bank

A comprehensive solution for managing company’s finances, accounts, billing, and invoices – all in one place.

About the client

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ING Bank




40+ countries

ING Bank is a leading multinational bank headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with a global presence across more than 40 countries. They are known for their innovative digital banking services and offer a wide range of financial products including retail and commercial banking, investment services, and insurance.

Part of their offering is ING Business Services (ING Usługi Dla Biznesu) a division specifically tailored to the needs of companies. As part of this suite of services, ING Online Accounting (ING Księgowość Online) stands out as a valuable tool for companies looking for effective financial management solutions. This online accounting service streamlines invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll management, enabling companies to manage their finances better. By leveraging ING’s banking expertise and commitment to innovation, companies can access user-friendly tools such as ING Online Accounting to strengthen their financial operations.

Project goals and client’s needs

ING Business Services (UDB) approached us with a request to develop a dedicated system for corporations, partnerships, and groups. One of the primary challenges faced by accounting systems is the cumbersome paperwork involved. Entrepreneurs need a solution that allows them to efficiently handle purchases, sales documents, business travel expenses, and various types of transfers. The goal of the project was to create a user-friendly communication platform through which users could quickly consult with accounting specialists to avoid errors in their books.

In response to customer expectations, ING UDB decided to expand its services to include accounting and payroll assistance. This expansion required significant changes in the accounting process, the management of transfers, and the collaboration between the company and accounting/banking systems.

Our service

In partnership with ING UDB, we created ING Accounting Online, a top-notch web and mobile solution revolutionising corporate financial management. Our team developed a robust web application, seamlessly harmonising it with the My ING mobile app for easy access on all devices. By skilfully integrating ING Accounting Online with ING’s online banking system, we have created a unified platform that enables users to have comprehensive financial control.

We customised the interface to seamlessly connect with existing ING products, promoting a sense of familiarity and ease for users. Prioritising data security, we implemented stringent measures to strengthen the protection of sensitive financial information, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders.

The result

ING Accounting Online seamlessly integrates with ING online banking, offering a comprehensive solution for managing your company’s finances, accounts, billing, and invoices – all in one place. By logging into your bank account, you gain access to the “My ING” section, where the accounting system accompanies you wherever and whenever you need it. This app provides a centralised overview of your finances and tasks, allowing you to keep your documents and invoices organised alongside your financial accounts. From viewing accounts to making transfers and paying invoices, everything can be done conveniently within the same platform.

With ING Accounting Online, you have visibility into who needs to be paid and when you can expect transfers for your services, granting you better control over cash flow and financial tasks. The app also simplifies invoice payments with just a few clicks, thanks to its OCR system that automatically extracts the necessary data from imported invoices. Users can effortlessly add invoice files or take pictures of them, allowing the system to recognise details such as account numbers, amounts, payment dates, and other essential information required for posting and finalising transfers.

For those constantly on the move, the convenience of ING Accounting Online extends to the My ING mobile app, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for busy professionals who prefer managing their finances on-the-go.


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