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KFC mobile app upgrade: revolutionising fast-food ordering

Elevating the company’s food ordering experience to new heights.

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KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is an iconic American fast-food restaurant specialising in fried chicken. Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1930, it has grown into a global giant with over 24,000 locations in 150 countries and territories, making it the second-largest restaurant chain in the world. It is famous for its “Finger Lickin’ Good” fried chicken prepared according to the Colonel’s secret recipe. The Colonel’s secret recipe, a closely guarded blend of 11 herbs and spices, remains the heart and soul of KFC’s offering. Menu offerings go beyond chicken to include side dishes, plant-based options, and regional specialties.

Business needs

KFC aimed to revamp its mobile app to improve efficiency and stay competitive in the online food ordering market. Until December 2017, customers regularly ordered their favourite KFC meals through the official website and mobile apps, but this didn’t solve the problem of long queues at restaurants. Reducing these wait times became a key focus, an area where KFC’s competitors hadn’t invested much in digital solutions.

Additionally, with KFC’s menu expanding, not all items were available on the app, causing confusion for customers who couldn’t find their preferred choices. Despite frequent updates, KFC’s existing apps had become outdated and required significant architectural changes to remain competitive.

Our service and responsibilities

The KFC app project involved collaboration among three companies, posing the initial challenge. We were responsible for the web, iOS, and Android apps and had to integrate UI designs from a separate design agency and APIs from another software company. The primary task was to develop numerous new functionalities not yet supported by the API. Therefore, we prioritised establishing effective communication with the API provider, at the project’s outset. We simultaneously developed missing architecture and API connections alongside app functionalities, necessitating the creation of unique data structures and providing consultancy support.

The KFC app was slated for release in three countries (Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic), requiring a unified core while allowing for customisation based on marketing objectives. As per the client’s request, specific options and functions were tailored to each country’s preferences.

Currently, we are involved in the development, testing, and maintenance of the application on an ongoing basis. We also implemented the PUSH notification tool and on-site analytics from scratch. The app is currently operating in five countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Croatia).

The result

As a result, two native mobile apps were created. The improved performance of the app has increased the comfort of users. Among the main solutions we can distinguish:

  • Integration with SMS gateways;

  • Integration with PayU and other payment systems enabling card payment upon order delivery;

  • Integration with other AmRest systems enabling display of the order status directly in the restaurant where we receive it. The queue-free mode has been equipped with options that allow the customer to choose the time and place of ordering delivery;

  • One Click BLIK – allows clients to pay online with one touch, without having to enter the 6-digit code each time and enter the banking app;

  • Skipping the queue at the restaurant thanks to the Mobile Order & Pay function;

  • Ordering your favourite KFC products with home delivery;

  • Using special coupons available only in the app;

  • Locating the nearest restaurants;

  • Referring a friend and obtaining additional benefits.

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