Image processing algorithm for quantifying Covid-19 test results

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Our client is a company with headquarters in Germany, specialising in medical technology, particularly in the development and production of medical equipment, including patient-oriented diagnostic products. Their mission is to contribute to the advancement of healthcare by providing high-quality and reliable medical technology solutions.

Business need

Our cooperation began in spring 2022. The client was working on cassette tests for rapid home diagnostic purposes, which are a growing market segment. Most tests of this kind deliver a simple binary result: positive or negative. However, in some cases, such as tests for SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibodies, the intensity of the test stripe hue correlates with the quantity of the substance being tested.

This complexity necessitates a user-friendly tool that empowers individuals to quantify these test results accurately from the comfort of their homes. The challenge lies in creating a simple yet effective solution that enables users to interpret these varying intensities of test results without the need for specialised equipment or extensive training. Building such a tool involves not only technological innovation but also a deep understanding of user experience to ensure accessibility and ease of use for diverse demographics.

Our service

We developed an image processing algorithm capable of discerning a test cassette within a photo and accurately identifying the test result stripe contained within it. Additionally, our algorithm enables the assessment of the colour intensity of the test stripe, correlating it with the concentration of the tested substance.

These algorithms were implemented into the app’s source code (using ReactNative and C++). The app not only facilitates result analysis but also offers users the functionality to store and review their test outcomes. Our development process adhered to stringent standards, ensuring compliance with Software as a Medical Device regulations outlined in ISO 13485 and IEC 62304.

The solution had to overcome a number of challenges, as the app could be used on various phone models and in various lighting conditions. The project led our R&D team to a search for innovative ideas, and the final result was appreciated by our client.

The result

Our team created a mobile app available for both iOS and Android, which enables users to quantify Covid-19 test results effortlessly at home. Users can achieve this by simply capturing a photo of the test cassette using their mobile phones.


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