Spyrosoft is collaborating on a Covid-19 patient monitoring system


About the client




Warsaw, Poland

Our client is an innovative R&D company and a leading provider of telemedicine solutions based in Warsaw, Poland. They have been producing telemedicine devices – including mobile EKG monitors – and working exclusively on telemedicine solutions for the past 27 years.

Although, the company is quite small, they’ve been able to start operating on the global market, selling their products to Sweden, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Italy. They’re also planning to expand to the United States.

The challenge

They sell ready-to-use devices and the platform for collecting and managing medical data, and for the few past months, they have been working hard to provide a dedicated solution for patients with COVID-19 to Italy to relieve the local Health System .

The client needed support in setting up and managing this platform, including tracking the patients’ temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate. The systems also check current location of the patients to make sure that they have not left their place of isolation, be it their home or a designated quarantine space.

The solution

This solution only ensures the safety of people in quarantine, but the system also limits the need for patients to have face to face contact with medical staff who may not be protected with PPE. It also means that the hospital beds can be kept ready for patients with the most severe cases of Covid-19 as the less affected can be isolated at home or in dedicated spaced outside of medical facilities and Intensive Care Units. These patients are still monitored by a team of doctors daily.

As a company, we’ve been working on developing and maintaining the system. We’re also collecting and aggregating the data for thousands of patients making sure that if anyone’s health status is rapidly deteriorating, the in-built system triggers to notify health professionals (via email or a text message), so they can visit the patient and check up on them.

The platform that Spyrosoft has helped to develop has been crucial for supporting the telemedicine care system in Poland and for ensuring that it will not be overloaded with a rapid increase in cases of patients with coronavirus.


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