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Szczecin office is located on the premises of Technopark Pomerania, an innovative, modern business hub comprising 60+ tech companies.

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Modern, well-equipped office building

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Car and bike parking

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Tram and bus stops close by

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Lunch bar and kindergarten in the Technopark area

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We love having fun together

Good team relations are at the heart of our daily work. We regularly organise parties, team-bonding events and meetups to bring our teammates closer together.

We love exchanging our knowledge

Take part in inspiring discussions and learn a thing or two on our knowledge-sharing meetings devoted to various technological topics.

We love helping others

Our team members have big hearts and are always ready to engage in various charitable and social initiatives. Not all heroes wear capes!

Contact address:

Cyfrowa 4 Street
71-441 Szczecin