Have you tried multiple tools for project tracking, but none have matched all your needs so far? Or maybe you’re just tired of jumping between various tools to gather and manage the information you need? We’ve been there.  

There are multiple project management tools on the market. However, hardly any combines multiple facets of project tracking altogether, so it can be used across your company. That’s what sparked the idea to create AllPro. 

As Spyrosoft was growing both in the number of employees, countries we’re operating in and projects, we started to feel that no existing solution ticked all the boxes for us. We needed something that combines the functionalities of several tools into one comprehensive system, gathering all information about both the employees and project specification under one roof. At the same time, we wanted it to be affordable for mid-size companies or even rising startups.  

So let us give you a tour around AllPro and show you how it can make project tracking a breeze for you.  

What is AllPro? How is it different from other project tracking software? 

In a nutshell, AllPro is an all-in-one tool for project tracking dedicated to project-based companies. It includes a set of features covering all ends of the project management process: from allocating employees to projects based on their skills, experience and availability, through time tracking and personnel operations, to managing all project-related data. 

Let’s take a closer look at how it can help you with your day-to-day tasks. 

Effectively allocate resources across multiple projects 

It allows you to effectively manage resource allocation in multiple projects, depending on employees’ experience, skills, availability or contract type. Having all this information at hand you can also create employee resumes that you will then present to new clients.  

AllPro screenshot employee resume

Employees can see to what projects they are allocated and how much of their time is devoted to each project as well as projects’ time range.  

Project managers get an overview of specialists assigned to each project. 

AllPro screenshot employee assignment view

You can also see who is available at the time and browse the available employees, for example, based on their skills, location or contract type. 

AllPro screenshot availability view

In AllPro you can gather all project-specific conditions, such as type of settlement, invoice approval process, agreed project hours limit and rates, so you can rest assured that you don’t miss any important information. This is also the knowledge base that you can use to better estimate the costs and resources for the next projects. 

AllPro projects view

You can also issue and manage invoices.  

AllPro invoices view

Manage work time and career development in one system 

AllPro allows employees to monitor and report their worktime and overtime as well as request time off or matters related to business trips. Managers can get a global look at their employees’ availability and accept their requests.  

AllPro employee requests view

Line managers can also track each employee’s career in the organisation, for example, salary history, when they were last promoted or got a pay rise.  

Manage talent development within your organisation 

You can check what skills you have within the organisation and which ones are missing. Based on these insights you can decide on how to steer your employees’ professional development or what new talents to hire. There’s also an option to group chosen skills into skillsets for specific job profiles.  

AllPro employee skills view

That’s just a sneak peek into the wide range of functionalities we’ve equipped AllPro with. It’s a custom-tailored solution, so you can have it adjusted to your needs or integrated with the software you’re already using to create a seamless workflow.  

What apps can you integrate AllPro with? 

Currently, you can integrate AllPro with Jira, Outlook and enova365. The integration with Xero is coming soon. We’re also open to create custom integrations for our clients. 

Streamline project tracking in your company 

Book a free, no-obligation demo with our expert who will walk you through all the functionalities and discuss your unique needs, so we can tailor the solution to fit your company best.  

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