Back in 2019, we were a medium-sized company with slightly over 400 employees working from 5 different locations in Poland, the UK and Croatia. A lot has changed since then – and by a lot we mean… well, almost everything. We’ve hired our 1000th employee this month, we have 14 offices in 8 countries, and we also have big plans. The global Covid-19 pandemic brought a monumental shift when it comes to how we think about work and its role in our lives.  

As a company that was built as digital-first right from the start, switching to a fully-remote work model in March 2020, when the first wave of lockdowns was introduced in several countries, was not challenging for us.

In 2022, when most companies are struggling with bringing employees to the office, we want to continue cooperating using a hybrid model, with the employees deciding for themselves what works for them. We want to give them a chance to choose where they want to work from, be it permanently or temporarily – combining a workation with their time off. 

Shifting to the ‘work from anywhere’ model 

The times are changing, and so are we – that’s why we’ve introduced the Work From Anywhere programme at Spyrosoft. 

To be honest, the ‘work from anywhere’ concept is not something new to us. We’ve always had the ‘remote-digital’ approach, with all employees working from home or a place of their choosing at least one day a week. This approach has really paid off during the recurring lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, and with its end nearing, we’ve decided to ask Spyrosoft employees to see what their preferred work mode would be from 2022 on. With most of them voting in favour of a fully remote or hybrid work setting, the decision on how we would operate after the pandemic was made. 

People-first approach 

For the past 6 years, we’ve been working untiringly on establishing Spyrosoft as the fastest-growing technology company in Europe, and our efforts were appreciated by the Financial Times by including us in their 2022 Financial Times 1000 list of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. We want to keep the momentum going – all while sticking to our people-first approach.  

The details of our Work From Anywhere programme 

As of October 2021, we’ve officially introduced the Work From Anywhere programme at Spyrosoft. Our employees can complete their tasks from wherever they want, be it their own home, a coworking space or one of our offices. We strongly believe that talent is everywhere, so we also hire new team members in locations where we don’t have an office. 

We strongly believe that work goes beyond daily tasks completed from the office, it’s something you perform by embracing autonomy and remaining connected by the company and its culture. We’ve always valued results far more where they have been produced, with trust, communication, connection and collaboration deeply ingrained in what we do. By allowing Spyrosoft people to work where they’re most productive, we want to cultivate our unique culture.  

With exceptions of a few office-based roles, Spyrosofters can now work from anywhere they want, including any of our offices in Poland, Croatia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Argentina and India.  

Looking at the next 5 years and beyond 

Introducing Work From Anywhere as our default work model also opens new growth opportunities for us as a company: we can now source and hire people worldwide, and we’re no longer limited to our office locations. This comes advantageous taking into account our plans for the next few years. We want to build upon new domain areas by recruiting even more experts to join our teams and help them thrive as professionals. 

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Matylda Chmielewska

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