Today, in the pandemic crisis, I believe efficiency is one of the most important capabilities a company needs to master. The economy is shrinking rapidly, forcing headcount reductions, and strengthening the focus on securing core business activities. These are common-sense actions that are needed quickly to overcome the first impacts of the crisis.  

But what is the biggest problem we’re facing 

We do not know how long it will last, and uncertainty is businesses’ worst enemy. 

Becoming more efficient now and carrying that into the future is one answer to this pressing problem.  

How can efficient software development get businesses through the crisis?

Efficient software development can help businesses keep up with the rapidly changing environment, and adjust to it in real-time. Doing this efficiently requires fewer people, helping manage costs whilst driving greater productivity. Doing this with a blended model, provided by a third party such as Spyrosoft, will allow companies to flex up once the crisis passes and take advantage of their new efficiencies to capture new markets and customers. 

This means not only accessing highly qualified software engineers but also passing or sharing responsibility with them to succeed with the projects’ delivery. 

Control your costs today and be ready for tomorrow

Modern software development practices delivered by an external service provider allow you to modernise your ways of working, deliver your goals faster, and stay financially optimised. 

Help yourself by getting in touch to understand our engineering solutions, provided by highly skilled teams. Capability improvement is a service we offer today, helping you take advantage of modern practices: DevOps and cloud-based services that help to automate your processes and save cost whilst cutting time to market. 

The pandemic will end. Why not get prepared today 

Establishing flexible and efficient model of managing your software lifecycle today will result in achieving your future goals faster. You can benefit from an easy to access additional capacity whenever you need to increase your headcount and shorten your time to market in return. It’s a win-win. 

Adjust your business to change. Anti-crisis steps taken today and the shift towards external partners will boost your business resilience and open new opportunities for when we are in the new normal. 


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