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How we can help


Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence algorithms at your service. We develop easy-to-manage and user-friendly tools that will handle your most mundane tasks, so you and your team can focus on what’s truly important.


Software development automation

Our specialists can help you automate your software development process, including setting a single code repository and implementing the build process where every team member, tester, mechanism and test script use the same fully automated process for building and obtaining software copies.


Delivery automation

Software development environment and tools are crucial for developing flawless application code. Process should be automated as much as possible to focus on delivering business value. Smart solutions lead to fast, safe and cost-effective software delivery.



Do you need your services to be migrated to cloud or any other environment? Depending on your needs, our experienced architects will design the solution, and then they will choose and plan the migration strategy. They will also manage the migration process.


Web User Interface tests

Our testers write and implement viable User Interface tests that can replicate real end users’ journeys and automatically check your systems with Selenium WebDriver for C#, Java and Python using Page Object Pattern.


Mobile User Interface tests

Almost 60% of your website visitors and product users are on mobile. We can help you ensure that their experience is as effortless and sleek as possible, using Appium and Espresso.


API/Module automated tests

Your application is likely to be handling thousands of user requests every hour. API/module automated tests can help you ensure that each part of your system is communicating with the other without interruption.


Unit Tests

A team of Spyrosoft developers can develop a series of tests to continuously make sure that all your product functionalities and code methods are up and running.

How we do it

Business analysis

We meet with your team to discover any areas where you need a helping hand. We also show you best practices and use cases for business and development optimisation.


In-depth analysis of your business workflows and your project needs

Optimisation list

Once we know more about the challenges you face every day, we can prepare a list of business areas and processes that can and should be optimised at your company.


A list of suggested changes to how your teams operate


Depending on your current needs and resources, we can help implement all your suggestions.


We develop and integrate the necessary tools for adjusting the day-to-day work at your company

Ongoing support

At Spyrosoft, we’re all about building the relationships that last. That’s why we can be more than a one-off technology consultant. We can become your long-term partner, always ready to suggest business and development optimisations.


We also offer further advice and regular workflow reviews



Tomasz Perlak

I work as a Solution Engineer at Spyrosoft now, but I have had several different roles in my professional life thus far. I am a University of Economics alumni, and I started off as a software developer and helpdesk for a manufacturing company in the US where I developed business and engineering tools for 4 years. I also had a try at running my own business, then I joined one of software houses in Wrocław. Staying mostly on the business solutions side, with .NET under the belt, I delivered features, led teams, designed modules, and even assured quality in more complex setups. In my daily work, I often switch seats between business analysis and hands-on development.