Get full NIS2 compliance in line with the EU’s guidelines

Trust our specialists to make your business fully compliant with NIS2, EU’s new cybersecurity directive and other strategic standards. 

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Can your company afford the cost of a cybersecurity breach? Data leakage and infringement, trust violation, or trade secrets disclosure are far more costly than implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity protocol.

Tomasz Lokietek

Tomasz Lokietek

Head of Embedded Functional Safety and Cybersecurity


$4.45 million

global average cost of data infringement


increase of data-breach cost over 3 years

1.76 million

average savings of companies that invest in cybersecurity

Become fully compliant with the current EU’s cybersecurity strategy

Make sure your company is compliant with all the legislation that makes up the European cybersecurity strategy. Become one of the companies that ensures their clients the maximum security of products and services to the highest standards, including the new NIS2 directive.  

NIS – Network and Information Security Directive (2016)

Establishes measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity across the EU. Focuses on improving national cybersecurity capabilities, building cooperation at EU level, and promoting a culture of risk management and incident reporting among key economic actors. 

NIS2 – Network and Information Security Directive 2 (2024)

An updated version of the NIS Directive that expands its scope, introduces stricter security requirements, and enhances cooperation and information sharing among member states to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape. 

CSA – Cyber Security Act (2019)

Strengthens the mandate of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and introduces an EU-wide cybersecurity certification framework for ICT products, services, and processes to ensure a higher level of cybersecurity within the digital single market. 

CRA – Cyber Resilience Act (upcoming)

Confirmed by the European Parliament, CRA aims to establish common cybersecurity standards for connected products and associated services, enhancing the resilience of digital products against cyber threats and ensuring better protection for consumers and businesses in the EU. 


Need help navigating the complexity of EU norms, standards and directives?

We support our clients at every stage of cybersecurity improvement. Spyrosoft’s team of experts has an excellent knowledge of the law, a broad portfolio of completed implementations and insight into the most up-to-date practices to ensure maximum cybersecurity for our business partners. 

Ensuring compliance with NIS2

Why your business should comply with EU cybersecurity standards


Enhanced security measures

Compliance with NIS2 ensures your business implements rigorous cybersecurity measures. This includes risk assessments, incident response plans, and supply chain security protocols. These practices help mitigate risks and protect your business from cyber threats.


Expanded protection across sectors

NIS2 extends its scope to cover more sectors, including food, manufacturing, medical devices, and digital services like online marketplaces. This comprehensive coverage ensures that businesses in various industries are safeguarded against cyber attacks. 


Stricter enforcement and penalties

NIS2 introduces stricter supervision and enforcement measures. Non-compliance can result in substantial fines, up to €10 million or 2% of global turnover. Adhering to these standards helps avoid these financial penalties and maintain your business’s reputation. 


Improved risk management

Compliance requires effective risk management strategies and regular cybersecurity training for your staff. This proactive approach ensures your team is equipped to handle potential cyber incidents, reducing downtime and financial loss. 


Broader collaboration and support

NIS2 promotes EU-wide collaboration for vulnerability sharing and coordinated risk management. Being part of this network enhances your business’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emerging threats.

By aligning with the NIS2 directive, your business not only meets legal requirements but also gains a competitive edge through robust cybersecurity practices. This compliance fosters trust with customers and partners, ultimately contributing to your business’s long-term success and resilience.

Ensuring compliance with NIS2

How we can help you secure your business according to EU best practices and standards

At Spyrosoft, we offer a comprehensive set of services designed to help your business meet and exceed the requirements of the NIS2 directive and other EU cybersecurity standards.  
Here’s how we can assist you: 


Expert Consultations

Our team provides in-depth consultations, starting with an independent audit that includes a gap analysis. Based on the audit results, we prepare a detailed report highlighting issues that need to be addressed. By combining your in-depth knowledge of your product with our cybersecurity expertise, we collaboratively develop the most beneficial and convenient implementation plan for your business. 


Experienced Engineers

Our experienced cybersecurity engineers bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to every project. They ensure that your systems are robust, resilient, and compliant with NIS2 standards.


Customised Workshops

We offer tailored workshops where we work with you to build a customised agenda that addresses your specific needs. These workshops result in actionable insights and a detailed report to guide your cybersecurity strategy.


Process Definition and Deployment

We help define and deploy essential cybersecurity processes within your organisation. This includes capacity analysis to ensure your business can effectively implement and maintain these processes over time.


Pilot Projects

To ensure the effectiveness of new processes, we conduct pilot projects. These projects help test and optimise tools, identify any missing components, and assess the effectiveness of your current tools, ensuring they meet NIS2 requirements.


Comprehensive Testing

Our testing services include white-box and black-box testing, vulnerability scanning, and assessments tailored to both IT and OT environments. We also focus on design aspects to ensure all areas of your business are secure.

Why choose Spyrosoft?

By partnering with us, you gain access to top-tier cybersecurity expertise and support, ensuring your business not only complies with NIS2 but also operates securely and efficiently. Protect your business, build trust with your customers, and stay ahead of cyber threats with our tailored cybersecurity solutions. 

End-to-end product cybersecurity expertise

At Spyrosoft Cybersecurity, we offer a coherent one-stop shop for comprehensive Enterprise and Embedded cybersecurity. Our unique capabilities combine deep technical expertise, extensive practical skills, and a business-oriented consulting mindset. This powerful coherence of knowledge and experience allows us to provide holistic, cutting-edge security solutions that seamlessly protect your organisation’s digital assets across all domains.

NIS2 compliance

Cybersecurity management system

Our CSMS services cover every aspect of cybersecurity management, from strategy and gap analysis to the design, definition, and deployment of CSMS concepts. We assist with product development, monitoring, pilot project execution, and tooling selection to ensure robust cybersecurity practices. 

NIS2 compliance

Product development

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity analysis, including Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) and Vulnerability Assessments (VA) according to ISO 21434 and IEC 62443 standards. Our services cover concept definition, system and software development compliant with ISO 21434, ISO27001, UNR 155, and IEC 62443, along with project management and compilation of cybersecurity specifications. 

NIS2 compliance

Testing and monitoring

Our cybersecurity testing services encompass fuzzing, penetration testing, static analysis and software composition analysis. We help define and implement key performance indicators (KPIs) and integrate cybersecurity tooling into your existing CI/CD pipelines to ensure continuous security monitoring and improvement.

Cybersecurity management system
Product development
Testing and monitoring

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Ensure your business stays ahead by complying with NIS2 and other EU cybersecurity standards.

Tomasz Lokietek

Tomasz Lokietek

Head of Embedded Functional Safety and Cyber Security

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