The British Financial Times has just announced its annual FT 1000 ranking — a ranking of one thousand fastest growing companies in Europe. This year, Spyrosoft took the 5th position. Spyrosoft is a Wrocław-based software developing company that provides comprehensive project management. In the years 2016-2019, included in the ranking, the revenues of the Polish software house increased by 14.7 thousand percent (!). Spyrosoft was ahead of several dozen Polish companies, which were also included in the Financial Times ranking. “We are pleased with the prestigious distinction and we are looking for new software developers for new projects,” comments Konrad Weiske, the president of the company.

The transformation accelerated

The Financial Times has been compiling the ranking since 2017 (under the full name of FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies). The co-organizer of the ranking, Statista, is a research company whose task it is to count and verify the data provided by the survey participants. Poland is most often represented by companies from the technology and the e-commerce sector. These are the sectors of the economy that are doing great despite the crisis caused by the pandemic. “During the Covid-19 era, the digital transformation of enterprises accelerated significantly. For the company to survive, the entrepreneurs have to invest in the development of digital services and products,” says Weiske.

In the “pre-pandemic” 2019, the revenues of the Spyrosoft group amounted to PLN 71.5 million, and the profit to PLN 5.4 million, and it was almost twice as high as the result of the previous year. However, there are many indicators suggesting that the pandemic did not affect the results of most Polish software houses, which is clear in the example of this Wrocław-based company. In the last quarter of 2020, the Spyrosoft group recorded significant increases in revenues in all its companies and generated a profit of nearly PLN 2.2 million. “We are currently employing software developers for projects in Germany, Croatia, Great Britain and Poland, and their thematic range, such as the Internet of Things or cloud solutions, attract new people to us – says Agata Orlik, recruitment director at Spyrosoft.

New projects, new developers

Only in January and February of this year, the company managed to hire 57 IT specialists, among them the so-called seniors, technical leaders, architects, as well as “traditional” experts in Java and other specified areas. “Nearly six hundred specialists work for us, and we are still looking for new IT engineers specializing in various fields – especially those dealing with the DevOps area and the Kotlin language,” adds Agata Orlik. Spyrosoft also employs juniors, i.e. young IT specialists right after graduation, who – due to lack of experience – must undergo additional training. “It is for them that we are establishing the Spyrosoft Academy, which will train specialists in the most desirable IT segments,” reveals Weiske.

The shortage of IT experts on the market has been a problem for years now, hence Spyrosoft – like many other software houses – is also searching for specialists from abroad, mostly from our eastern neighbours, Belarus and Ukraine. “How do we attract developers? Market rates, the possibility of joining our offices in virtually every corner of the world and, as I mentioned, a large thematic range of projects. We conduct a transparent recruitment process, immediately informing you about the salary range. In this way, we respect both our time and the time of the candidates,” says the head of recruitment at Spyrosoft.

Spyrosoft keeps on hiring because the new projects require it. As revealed by the company’s management, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Spyrosoft group acquired 5 new clients in very different industries: automotive, HR, media and entertainment, and technology. The spring of last year was difficult for the group, as the development of projects on the German and American markets slowed down. But now everything is back to normal. “Our software developers work mainly in a remote system, but offices are open again, in case someone wants to work from outside their home,” adds Agata Orlik. (MS)


It is the time of the IT revolution. Spyrosoft employs software developers for projects in Germany, Croatia, the UK and Poland.


About the Financial Times ranking

The FT 1000 ranking has been compiled since 2017. It takes into account the growth rate of revenues in the following years. This year’s ranking analyzed the period 2016-2019. 32 countries from Europe can participate in the ranking; companies from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France usually dominate in the classification.

About Spyrosoft Group: 

Spyrosoft is a company founded in 2016 in Wrocław. It operates in the field of IT industry and software development – from embedded solutions to high-level systems based on public clouds – tailored to the needs and requirements of clients. The company offers comprehensive project management services, under which Spyrosoft specialists manage projects and project requirements, create architecture, as well as write and develop software. They implement solutions using public clouds and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Mixed Reality.

The Spyrosoft S.A. Capital Group includes, among others Spyrosoft S.A., Spyrosoft Solutions S.A. and Unravel S.A. Since February 2020, Spyrosoft S.A. has been listed on the NewConnect stock market.

The Group’s offices are located in Wrocław, Warsaw, Białystok and Kraków, as well as in London, Braunschweig, Munich, Zagreb and Detroit.

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