Spyrosoft Ltd. will support the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) with Digital Engineering Augmentation services in the UK. According to the cooperation agreement signed in December 2023, Spyrosoft will act as an external partner providing technology expertise and resources to expand their media technology teams in the United Kingdom.

As part of the initial 3-year collaboration with the BBC, the Spyrosoft team will assist in delivering exceptional digital transformation initiatives, world class content, and a remarkable user experience – all with a focus on reaping the benefits of sustainable technology.

This collaboration is also a significant milestone for Spyrosoft Ltd, as it involves expansion in terms of both resources and locations. For the assignments/projects, Spyrosoft plan to add to the strength of its existing UK based technology division by hiring additional software testers (in the field of quality assurance), software engineers and other key media technology resources.

To maintain and underpin the partnership, Spyrosoft will be opening new regional offices in locations including both London and Manchester. Whilst retaining our head office in Bournemouth, these new locations will provide both local contacts for the BBC as well as a local base for Spyrosoft employees engaged with the client.

In the media and entertainment industry, modern technologies have spearheaded an unprecedented evolution in solution delivery. Advancements in AI-driven personalisation and other modern technologies have enhanced user experiences and ushered in a new era of dynamic, on-demand content delivery, reshaping the landscape of entertainment services.

“By staying at the forefront of innovation, we’re looking forward to supporting one of the leading players in the global media and entertainment industry with our technology skills and experience as we undertake our digital journey together”

– said Andrew Radcliffe, Spyrosoft Co-Founder & Managing Director UK.

Spyrosoft, as a company, embraces and promotes cutting-edge technologies and aims to empower their clients in the media and entertainment industry by supporting them in creating best in class digital solutions.


Spyrosoft is a group of companies providing consulting and software development services in segments including Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Geospatial, HR Tech, EduTech, Automotive, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industry 4.0, and Robotics. The Group offers a one-stop shop approach as it operates within a wide range of specialities – from Enterprise and Embedded Software Engineering, AI/ML, Cloud and Cybersecurity, to HMI or Ecommerce, Low-code and CRM Platforms.

Spyrosoft is a global technology services company with over 1,500 consultants working across 15 offices in 9 countries. The firm has been included in the Financial Times ranking of 1,000 fastest-growing technology companies for three consecutive years: 2021, 2022 and 2023.