Digitization is a basic trend in business and a priority for many companies. The switch to new technologies is gaining momentum today – during the pandemic their importance increases and allows for a faster adaptation to the constantly changing environment. As a result, also the demand for complex and well-matched digital solutions grows quickly. The Spyrosoft Group understands the needs of its clients and opens a new company, Unravel, that provides services in the fields of business and product design.

“In the process of creating digital solutions, it is the first stages that are the most important, because they decide about the subsequent success or failure of the entire project. Research, prototyping, experimenting and testing ideas together with users at the very beginning of creating a solution is the key to avoiding errors, the elimination of which post-implementation may cost a hundred times more than avoiding them from the beginning,” says Jarosław Mroczek, CEO of Unravel S.A.

As the Spyrosoft Group’s creative power has grown with the establishment of Unravel, its offer has been expanded to include services such as: product design – providing the best experience for users of digital products, product management – supporting the client’s operational processes, audits and user experience tests, as well as an innovation accelerator, which allows you to quickly validate the concept of new products with their future users.

Unravel helps clients adapt to the changing business environment, stay competitive, and implement ideas for new products or digital services. The experts of the new company use the Design Sprint method in their work. As a result, their clients can save months of work and achieve their goals in a few weeks.

Why did the Group decide to release a new brand? 

The offer of Unravel, although complementary to the services provided by the Spyrosoft Group, is based on different methods and philosophy of work. In the field of ​​product design, it is crucial to experiment and search for the best solutions, as well as to use the most popular work philosophy – Design Thinking. This distinctness of working methods and of the portfolio of services resulted in the creation of a new brand within the Group.

“At Unravel, we focus on a culture of experimentation. Thanks to this, our team has enough space to come up with, implement, and test their ideas. We believe that autonomy, self-improvement and a sense of purpose combined are capable of creating an excellent foundation on which organizations focused on development and growth can thrive. This has been my idea for the Unravel company from the very beginning,” comments Jarosław Mroczek.

Strength in the Group

The presence of Unravel in the Spyrosoft Group allows us to offer support to our customers at every stage of the product life cycle – from the birth of an idea and its initial verification, through the creation and implementation of the software, to its further development and maintenance.

“Unravel’s offer focuses on the early stages of designing business products and services, while other Spyrosoft Group companies specialize in delivering them. Thanks to this, we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to the digitization process. Today, these first stages of work are of particular importance, because they allow for quick and effective creation and adaptation of digital products to the changing environment,” says Sebastian Łękawa, Member of the Management Board of Spyrosoft S.A.

About Spyrosoft: 

Spyrosoft is a company founded in 2016 in Wrocław. It operates in the field of IT industry and software development – from embedded solutions to high-level systems based on public clouds – tailored to the needs and requirements of clients. The company offers comprehensive project management services, under which Spyrosoft specialists manage projects and project requirements, create architecture, as well as write and develop software. They implement solutions using public clouds and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Mixed Reality.

The Spyrosoft S.A. Capital Group includes, among others Spyrosoft S.A., Spyrosoft Solutions S.A. and Unravel S.A. Since February 2020, Spyrosoft S.A. has been listed on the NewConnect stock market.

The Group’s offices are located in Wrocław, Warsaw, Białystok and Kraków, as well as in London, Braunschweig, Munich, Zagreb and Detroit.

For more information, check www.spyro-soft.com and www.unravel.cc.