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Digital transformation expertise for legal technology vendors.

Partner with experts in legal tech vendor digital transformation


Strategic partnership

Unlock the full potential of cutting-edge technologies, with Spyrosoft as your strategic legal technology partner.


Interoperability expertise

Lean on our expertise to unlock complete systems interoperability – enabling legacy software to connect seamlessly to new tools and solutions.


Development and delivery know-how

Partner with Spyrosoft and benefit from our expertise in legal technology solutions development or delivery.

Obstacles we can help you overcome

We understand the complex issues you face as a provider of legal technology solutions and we can help you to solve them


Integration challenges

Achieve seamless compatibility across diverse platforms and systems. We are experts in interoperability, specialised in integration solutions and can help you to streamline the process.

Your clients anticipate that your solution will effortlessly integrate with their everyday tools. Whether it involves enhancing your current array of connectivity options or creating customised and intricate integrations, we are here to assist.


Delivery of legal technology solutions

You’ve successfully acquired a new customer, but what comes next? Onboarding! Operating and managing an efficient delivery team can be a significant expense, especially when some customers prefer delivery resources to be localised.

Our dedicated onboarding team is equipped with a deep understanding of your implementation methodology. They work diligently to introduce your tools to your new customers, ensuring a swift onboarding process that allows them to quickly realise the value of your tools.


Product enhancement

We understand that have an elaborate development roadmap comprising cutting-edge features, which your customers anticipate being delivered swiftly. We also recognise that internal resource limitations constrain your capacity to expedite the delivery of these features. These features not only maintain your competitive edge but also contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your customers expect your products to be user-friendly and uncomplicated and beyond improving and delivering products, we can offer state-of-the-art design and UX services to guarantee a superior product experience.


Keeping up with rapid technological advancements in the legal industry

In the rapidly evolving legal technology landscape, staying abreast of the latest technologies and trends can be challenging for vendors. Gain access to up-to-date knowledge and expertise (artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, cloud, data visualisation, analytics and management, market trends, etc.), empowering you to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solutions into your legal tech products. 


Data security concerns

Legal professionals work with highly sensitive documents and therefore protecting that data should be top of your priority list. Protect your customers’ sensitive legal information with confidence. As cybersecurity and data protection experts, we can help you ensure the implementation of robust security protocols.


Connecting legal technology solutions for success

As we engage with our legal clients, we naturally identify IT challenges that can be overcome with the solutions our partners offer. Our clients rely on us to suggest cutting edge products and services that can bolster their innovation efforts. If your product successfully addresses the challenge our customer is currently encountering, our objective is to smoothly introduce your solution into the equation.

Through the partnership with Spyrosoft, we aim to ensure seamless scalability for our growing business. We want to continue to expand without the need to build an extensive full-time professional services team solely for software implementation. Instead, we envision the Peppermint team as the centre of excellence, driving growth through a network of delivery partners. By leveraging the expertise of partners like Spyrosoft, we can scale our operations in both the UK and the US without the necessity of employing full-time staff for project delivery.

Neil Henderson

Director of Operations, Peppermint Technology

Our partnerships

Discover how collaborating with Spyrosoft can accelerate product innovation and time-to-market

Meet our expert

My passion lies in assisting businesses overcome their technological hurdles

Nick Evans
Director of Legal Tech

My primary focus involves collaborating with legal enterprises and technology providers within the legal domain to conceive, construct, and deploy optimal solutions, steering the digital transformation within the legal industry. Whether it’s Process Automation, Contract Reviews, Artificial Intelligence, or Workforce Management, the Spyrosoft Legal Business Unit stands poised to provide unwavering support.

I have twenty years of experience in the technology sector. In my role at Spyrosoft, I spearhead the development and expansion of the Legal Business Unit’s offerings. This entails forging partnerships with leading legal technology providers and actively engaging with legal enterprises, ensuring the triumphant realization of their technology initiatives.

Nick Evans
Legal software for law firms

Our approach

What makes us a reliable partner in implementing legal tech solutions?

Our strength lies in a combination of expertise, innovation, and a client-centric approach. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to comprehend their unique challenges, allowing us to craft solutions that enhance efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness.


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Nick Evans

Nick Evans

Director of Legal Tech

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