In today’s rapidly evolving legal industry landscape, law firms are increasingly embracing digitalisation to streamline operations, enhance client services, and stay competitive in a fast-paced environment. In this era of digitialisation in the legal industry, Peppermint Technology, stands out as a legal software company dedicated to help legal firms build high performing businesses by enabling them to deliver more profitable legal services that meet and exceed changing client expectations.

Peppermint has recently joined forces with the Spyrosoft Legal team to ensure a seamless scalability for its growing business. In this interview, Neil Henderson, Director of Operations at Peppermint, gives insights into Peppermint’s goals for the partnership in its trajectory for further growth.

Could you tell me a little bit about Peppermint technologies and the CX365 platform?

Neil Henderson: Peppermint technology is SaaS vendor solely focused on the legal sector. We are dedicated to helping leading-edge law firms transform how they do business through technology. Our goal is to empower them to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients and maximise their investment in Microsoft cloud.

We provide legal firms with a suite of modular, easy-to-use and innovative products, which complete with the Microsoft ecosystem as they are built on the underlying Microsoft Cloud platform (M365). Peppermint CX365 is a cloud-based legal platform that includes applications for case management, client engagement (CRM), and document and work management. We also deliver a product called Peppermint Connect, which surfaces Peppermint’s solutions in Outlook and Microsoft Teams to streamline workflows, eliminating the need to switch between systems and applications.

With 14 years in operation, we are a private equity backed business now, recognised as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) by Microsoft. That grants us access to the Microsoft teams in both the UK and the US.

Up until 2 years ago, Peppermint would solely focus on the UK market. A couple of years ago we sold our first software in the US, marking our entry into the international arena. Since then we started building our team in the US. Currently, our Chicago office houses 5 full-time employees, and we are proud to serve 4 customers in the US. With the US market gaining momentum, our team is evolving from a sales and marketing focus to also perform service functions.

What are the needs or challenges that Peppermint aims to address through collaboration with Spyrosoft?

NH: Through the partnership with Spyrosoft, we aim to ensure seamless scalability for our growing business. With approximately 90 staff, the majority based in the UK and a 5 team members in the US, we want to continue to expand without the need to build an extensive full-time professional services team solely for software implementation.

Instead, we envision the Peppermint team as the centre of excellence, driving growth through a network of delivery partners. By leveraging the expertise of partners like Spyrosoft, we can scale our operations in both the UK and the US without the necessity of employing full-time staff for project delivery. Ultimately, Peppermint is a product business and developing our products is what we want to focus on. We aim to maintain our annual recurring revenue through subscriptions with the majority of delivery being facilitated through our partner channel.

What goals do you have for the collaboration?

NH: In regard to short-term goals, our focus is to facilitate a seamless onboarding for Spyrosoft with Peppermint and ensure that the technical teams are fully up to speed with all of our products and services. Subsequently, we will gradually transition into onboarding in customer-facing roles. Our aim is to have the Spyrosoft team shadow Peppermint and ultimately get to a stage, where we can co-sell Peppermint’s products.

In terms of overarching objectives for both organisations, we want to be able to deliver professional services revenue stream into Spyrosoft. Additionally, if Spyrosoft could generate net new subscription opportunities for Peppermint, which they will do through the continual efforts of the Spyrosoft Legal business unit, it would be a significant achievement for both parties.

How did you arrive at the decision to collaborate with our team? where there any specific factors that influenced your decision?

NH: The conversation with Spyrosoft has been ongoing for close to 12 months now. I spoke directly with Andrew Radcliffe (Managing Director, Spyrosoft Ltd.) and Nick Evans (Director of Legal Tech), and I was impressed by what they had to say. Spyrosoft has experienced remarkable organic growth, which was very impressive to me.

Additionally, other individuals from Spyrosoft who I’ve met have all left a positive impression. What I appreciated most was their approach—it wasn’t a hard sell. Spyrosoft openly admits they currently lack legal expertise but are keen on building that vertical. Andrew’s statement that Spyrosoft doesn’t want to be just a partner of Peppermint, but rather Peppermint’s best partner, really resonated with me and has stuck with me ever since.

As Peppermint embarks on this new stage of growth, its collaboration with Spyrosoft demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in driving industry-leading solutions and delivering value to clients. Joining forces, Peppermint and Spyrosoft are on track to redefine the landscape of legal technology through exceptional service.

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