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By combining business and technology needs, we set up R&D initiatives to excel our skills and make them ready for developing your next cutting-edge product 


Dojo is a lean framework moving the company towards a clear direction through business and technology shifts

Developing a culture of experimentation and having the right skills on board is our key to harnessing innovative technologies. By launching Dojo initiatives around HMI and robotics, we set up a collaborative, risk-free learning environment for testing real-world scenarios and finding solutions that can be introduced into the production environment.

Dojo framework

Competence development

We acquire new skills, discover technologies, and deepen our knowledge about those already known. Through holistic project implementation, we learn the dialogue between various tech domains.

Foundation for client projects

Behind every initiative stands a business insight. By implementing products that could truly respond to market needs, we blaze trails for similar projects developed with our clients.

Product as a sample of skills

We take Dojo products with us to conference stages or tech event exhibitions. By interacting with a fully shaped initiative, a conference attendee  can learn about our expertise in a tangible way.

Partnerships establishment

We invest in mastering in technologies that we have a partnership with. The goal is to realise their full potential while building clients’ products, but also to participate in their shape and future development. 

“All the Dojo initiatives are run with a specific vision in mind. There’s complete transparency; we know what technologies and partnerships to invest in, what talent to look for, and what products to release. The vision connects various areas: business, technology, budget, management, and employee satisfaction, just to name a few. It enables us to deliver on near-future and long-term goals. ”

Marieta Węglicka, CTO at Spyrosoft Synergy, Head of Dojo Vision Crew

In synergy with intelligent machines

At Dojo, we work on robotics and in human-machine interfaces. By monitoring trends and listening to the market, we design answers to the needs in areas such as: 

  • automotive,
  • healthcare & medical services,
  • mobile robots and HMIs,
  • agriculture and heavy machinery,
  • smart home appliances,
  • maritime. 
Dojo robotics initiative Avatar
“The greatest success we seek in Dojo is leading the employee from an internal initiative to a client project. First, people develop themselves in areas they’re interested in. Then, after “training”, technology-wise and armed with confidence, they participate in projects where they lend their expertise.”

Marieta Węglicka, CTO at Spyrosoft Synergy, Head of Dojo Vision Crew


Wavey is a Dojo HMI initiative, an in-vehicle infotainment system made with the Qt technology. Wavey’s main feature is gesture control. The application is operated not from the large but from an external control screen located between the seats at an angle of about 30 degrees. 

Our goal was to create a complex HMI in the software-defined vehicle (SDV) era. In addition to hardware and low-level layer, we wanted to provide an excellent product presentation as well. The interface had to be intuitive and clear-cut to keep the driver focused on the road. We used Qt technology, as it’s a good framework for creating such complex projects. On the backend, we implemented a microHMI architecture to maintain more flexibility in the development process. Each team was feature-based, independent of others that worked in the same cockpit domain.  

Avatar is a robotic system that allows the user to be virtually in a place and interact with objects and people. The robot is mobile and moves autonomously; it’s equipped with a camera, microphone, speaker, and LIDAR system, among others. The user interacts with the remote surroundings via a web, desktop, or mobile app. 

By building Avatar, we wanted to demonstrate that we can create solutions from the concept by going through all system development phases, from business and system requirements to software architecture and design, implementation, and testing. 

The greatest challenge was establishing cross-functional cooperation. There were many technological levels we had to cope with: robot navigation and map exploration, computer vision, cloud infrastructure, or the end-user application. At first, there was friction because it took a lot of work for specialists from different expertise fields to find common ground. The further we went into the initiative, the more their domains overlapped. After a while, the cooperation was running like a well-oiled machine, and Avatar was coming to life. 

Marieta Weglicka

Marieta Weglicka
CTO @ Spyrosoft Robotics

Marieta has over ten years of experience leading projects in future emerging technologies.

A firm believer in technological futurism, understanding that what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable and will come due to the technological trends already in motion. Committed to helping businesses find space to make future technology attainable.

Privately a devoted explorer of “now”, making the most of travelling, tennis and climbing.

Marieta Weglicka

Piotr Wierzba

Piotr Wierzba
Co-founder & Business Unit Director of Spyrosoft Robotics

People come first before the results. As a strong team builder, Piotr understands that building a business around an accomplished team is the key to developing reliable business relationships and delivering solid results.

Outside Spyrosoft offices, he channels his everyday drive into Triathlon and Iron Man events.

Piotr Wierzba

Meet our experts

Przemyslaw Nogaj
Head of HMI Technology

Przemek is a firm believer in the cultural ramifications of user-focused design in technology.

Throughout his career, he led teams in developing modern products on a multitude of software and hardware platforms. His knowledge of HMI architectures and C++/C#/Java and Python languages allowed him to work with OEMs and TIER1s on the next-gen production HMI platforms.

With his motivation of building tomorrow’s digital society he is mainly responsible for shaping the technology definition and vision of HMI Services at Spyrosoft.

Przemysław Nogaj


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