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Czarnikow is a global provider of supply chain solutions with a focus on food ingredients, energy and packaging products. They have a deep understanding of global market dynamics, enabling them to provide solutions that make a positive difference in the world. 


  • Azure
  • C#
  • Angular

The project’s business needs

The client needed to modernise their CRM system, along with process migration and digitisation. The system aims to support farmers in selling their crops at more favourable prices on the stock exchange. The collaboration involves the development of a new application (greenfield) to manage the placement of orders on the exchange and enable customers to accept orders for exchange transactions directly.

The system should support Derivative Exchange-Traded (OTC) products, integrate with external data providers to enhance functionality, and track processes to ensure sustainability of production and supply.

Due to the nature of the project, the client required a self-organising T-shaped team with a high level of business knowledge.

Our responsibility

Our collaboration is focused on creating a solution that streamlines order placement on the exchange and ensures seamless transaction acceptance for customers. This involves not only developing the application, but also seamlessly integrating it with external data providers to enhance its capabilities. Our role includes the continuous improvement of the application and the addition of new features following a comprehensive requirements analysis. We oversee both frontend and backend development, as well as rigorous testing and validation.

In addition, we are currently providing ongoing support and maintenance, guidance, and recommendations for continuous system improvement.

Results of collaboration

Our collaboration addresses the need to modernise CRM, streamline processes and digitise operations to secure more favourable trading terms. The solution seamlessly facilitates order and exchange transactions, supported by OTC and robust process tracking for sustainable manufacturing and supply chains.


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