Advanced financial analysis and reporting system


About the client

Company name

Redburn Atlantic



Redburn Atlantic is a financial services company specialising in equity analysis. They provide research, execution, and equity capital markets services to investors, traders, and corporates. 


  • product development
  • end-to-end implementation
  • maintenance


  • Angular
  • C#
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • SQL

The project’s business needs

Atlantic Redburn faced the challenge of effectively managing data and streamlining business processes. To meet this challenge, the company needed an extensive system of internal and external applications intended to support data preparation, analysis, distribution, and report generation.

A key requirement was to ensure smooth integration with various systems within and outside the company to enable the retrieval and sending of large amounts of data. As the client expanded their operations, it also needed to calculate and transform data into appropriate formats and structures to adapt to various standards and transmit them to supervisory bodies.

The company needed a tailored application enabling data modification, cleaning, and aggregation in structured formats and templates to ensure data consistency and integrity. This aspect was crucial for properly functioning business processes and ensuring data quality.

They decided to develop custom functionalities to support their business processes based on the Salesforce platform.

Our responsibility

Our role as a technological partner involved application development. We were entrusted with supporting the publication and migration of data and ensuring its security throughout the process. This entailed implementing robust data management practices, adhering to relevant regulations, and employing encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

In line with our client’s needs, we developed custom functionality on the Salesforce platform to streamline their business processes. This strategic decision increased operational efficiency and delivered tailored solutions that met their unique requirements.

An integral part of our role was creating and maintaining environments and APIs. By leveraging the CICD process and Azure cloud services, we ensured seamless integration and interoperability between disparate systems and applications. This approach improved efficiency and optimised performance, resulting in a cohesive technology ecosystem. Our agile project management methodology allowed us to effectively plan, execute and monitor project activities in collaboration with stakeholders.

We conducted a thorough analysis to identify and address business requirements and technical challenges and present viable solutions that align with our client’s objectives.

Results of collaboration

Our partnership with Redburn Atlantic successfully developed and implemented custom applications on the Salesforce platform, addressing their specific needs for data management and business. Through diligent app development, data migration, and environment maintenance, we ensured seamless integration, enhanced security, and operational efficiency.


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