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Roborace is the first company in the world that organises autonomous car competition. The competition has been taking place since 2016, and its main goal is to accelerate the technological advancement of the automotive industry. Among the past and present competitors are the teams from both industry: Arrival Ltd, Acronis and academia: Technical University of Munich, Graz University of Technology and from the University of Pisa.


  • Docker
  • GitLab
  • GitLab CI
  • CMake
  • Catkin
  • ROS


The Roborace team was looking for a technical partner who would help them in the further development of the project. Spyrosoft’s Chief Operating Officer – Witold Leder, talks more about why we’ve decided to get involved in the project: ‘Autonomous and electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. The collaboration between Spyrosoft and Roborace allows our companies to make use of the best software development practices while working with state-of-the-art automotive technologies. We’re excited about what the future will bring and about what we can achieve together’. 

Spyrosoft’s main task was refactoring of the Roborace code and diving it into small particles so that it could be easily managed. Thanks to this, the Roborace team can share its code with other companies that are collaborating with them. It can also be readily shared with the teams participating in the competition that are currently developing two different models of the autonomous car: DevBot and Robocar. 

Technologies used: ROS / Catkin / Cmake / Gitlab / Gitlab CI / Docker

Spyrosoft was also responsible for designing and preparing the so-called cross-compilation where the system can be adapted to any device. We were also working on implementing continuous integration (CI) so that the Roborace team could work on their database. 


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