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Ultimo is a debt collection company that offers a solution to customers struggling to repay their debts on time. Ultimo offers tailored repayment plans and financial advice and aims to enable customers to achieve long-term economic stability.


  • product development


  • Angular
  • Java
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • MongoDB

The project’s business needs

The client wanted to improve business operations by extending services to digital channels, increasing settlements and improving receivables collection. To achieve this, they set out to reduce internal costs by deploying a call centre and implementing process automation.

Their new system prioritises seamless customer service across various channels, focusing on easy use and fast problem resolution. It facilitates automatic settlements and online payments by using AWS solutions for development. The UX designer’s stakeholder collaboration resulted in a clear functional division, ensuring user expectations aligned with business needs. This approach reflects a commitment to optimising performance and increasing customer satisfaction while leveraging digital transformation.

Our service and responsibilities

Our work began with preparing initial screen designs, ensuring that the visual representation of the architecture was in sync with the project’s objectives. Then, we articulated the business logic, outlining the processes and functionalities that would steer the system.

As we transitioned into the implementation phase, we focused on configuring the infrastructure in the AWS Cloud environment to optimise performance, scalability, and security. One of our key responsibilities was integrating the system with external systems to ensure seamless communication and data exchange. We implemented frontend and backend development, ensuring each component works harmoniously to provide a consistent user experience. We submitted testing protocols to verify the integrity and functionality of the system, ensuring high quality and reliability.

We also took on project management responsibilities, overseeing the entire project lifecycle on the provider side. This included coordinating resources, managing timelines, and mitigating risk to ensure successful project delivery within scope and budget.

The result

The new system was designed to provide integrated customer service and communication through various channels, with a consistent digital experience. It is user-friendly, helps customers deal with issues quickly, and enables automatic settlements. The system is built from the customer’s perspective and handles communication, support, and online payments.

App development for debt collection company 

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