In our new blog series, we would like you to get to know the members of our global team. Find out about their daily work at Spyrosoft, what inspires them, and what their career development path looks like in the company.

In this episode, we talked with Denisa Andriescu, People Partner in our Romanian branch.

Hi, Denisa!

Tell us about yourself and how you joined Spyrosoft

My name is Denisa Andriescu, and I’m a People Partner for Spyrosoft in Romania. I represent Romania in the People Office organisation, and I joined Spyrosoft just over one year ago. I saw the job ad on the internet, and I asked some former colleagues who had already joined Spyrosoft, and they told me it was a really nice team. So I said: Why not? Let’s give it a try. It was the bravest and the most difficult decision that I had made in my life because I left my only employer after almost nine years. But looking back, it was the right choice!

How do you remember your first days at Spyrosoft?

DA: Those days were amazing because I kept telling myself that it’s too good to be true. It was difficult for me to get used to this “Spyro vibe”: all the openness, all the support, the clear communication, the transparency, cooperation between the local and global team… And also it was really amazing for me to see that no matter their position, everyone within the company treats you with kindness and respect and is open to hear your opinions. Everyone has the chance to be heard.

Work at Spyrosoft! Spyrosoft Romania Team

Can you tell us more about your experiences before Spyrosoft?

DA: I had only one employer before Spyrosoft. I joined the previous company when I was still a student, as an intern with the recruitment team. After six months, I became a recruiter. And then after one year, I became a junior HR business partner dealing with talent management topics, evaluations, onboarding, offboarding, fluctuation retention, etc. I would end up spending seven years in this HR business partner position.

As I said, it was quite different from what a People Partner does in Spyrosoft. I actually like the fact that we don’t have HR in Spyrosoft. Instead, we have people partnering – a way of meaningfully integrating administrative and regulatory topics for our people. We need to position ourselves in between our people and the business, representing the interests of each. So this entire journey from recruiting to HR business partnering helped me prepare for my current position with Spyrosoft.

What do you value most about your current work at Spyrosoft?

DA: What I value the most is the opportunity to learn and to grow because my tasks are so varied. One year on, I’m still learning from each situation and evolving with each new task. With each topic raised by a colleague, with each problem they share with me, it’s a new opportunity to learn and to adapt. Another thing that I value is that the people are diverse. I’m working with people from different backgrounds, with different goals, and different skills and I get the chance to learn and to grow from these collaborations.
What are the tasks that you work on a daily basis? What are your responsibilities?

DA: As a People Partner, I deal with any and all people related topics. My mission is to create the overall employee experience, and to improve it to make Spyrosoft the place to be. Turning to daily tasks, my deliverables range from administrative functions touching on benefits, compensation, work certificates, and medical leaves, to performing legal and compliance tasks such as implementing labour law and tax updates into our processes. I also organise internal events and outward facing campaigns.

My work is extremely varied. One moment you are in an event planning meeting, deciding which finger food and drinks to order, and in the blink of an eye you are talking about fiscal policy or new labour laws that we need to research and implement. So each day brings its own challenges!

Work at Spyrosoft! Spyrosoft Romania Team

How do you manage to overcome those challenges?

DA: I do get stressed because as a perfectionist, I want everything that I deliver to be… perfect. And this is actually not the proper approach for a company that has a startup culture because sometimes you just need to deliver something in order to move forward. There is no time to wait until you have a perfect work product. So I do get stressed because I want to make sure that I take into consideration all the most important aspects and prepare for all the possible questions that my colleagues might ask me. To answer your question: I try to be very organised, to prioritise, and to not get too lost in the details.

How has your work at Spyrosoft contributed to your own professional development?

DA: I definitely see some development. First of all, I’m now working in a global team and interacting with colleagues from other locations, like we are having right now. At my previous company, I worked only with local and national teams without having this cultural exchange. This is a first for me. Second, I’m taking an in-depth approach to administrative and legal topics, and this was not the case at my previous company. I used to know only the basics, like every HR professional should know. But now my work is much more focused, such as thinking about how we should write provisions of our internal rulebook in a way that is both clear and effective from a legal standpoint. Now I find myself translating tax code provisions into language that everyone can understand. This detail-oriented fine tuning on labour and fiscal topics is completely new for me.

What inspires you in your daily work?

DA: The fact that it’s a never-ending process. The learning journey of us People Partners is continuous because we are always interfacing with the market, with our competitors, with the legal regulatory environment, with leadership… On any given day, there might be an audit or a new project to implement. In all these different situations, you need to think about how you can perform in the way that is most meaningful for your people, the organisation, and its culture. My goal is to not be too “HR” or too “corporate,” but to continually have an impact that makes sense for the organisation and that benefits its people.

That sounds difficult!

DA: It is, but it’s also the most rewarding job I’ve ever had!

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