Today we’re introducing Duncan Johnson, our new UK Chief Operating Officer. In this interview, Duncan tells us a bit about himself and his career to date.

Can you begin by telling us about your career to date?

I’m an experienced Technology Leader who’s operated across industry sectors and geographical regions, running large and professional teams and services. I have over 25 years of technology experience, in many roles as Customer, Client and Partner/Supplier. During my career, I’ve operated within leading global organisations such as ICS Group, Portigon Financial Services, Turnbull & Asser, Credit Suisse and WestLB.

Recently, before joining Spyrosoft, I was Chief Information Officer at ICS Group. ICS Group are a global £700m GBP turnover multi-brand, multi-division organisation where technology & digital has moved to become the core of strategic direction for the Groups growth. I’ve enjoyed the challenges ICS afforded me and hope they will stand me in good stead as we take Spyrosoft forward.

Previous roles, all within technology & digital, have covered multiple organisations. I was Technology & Digital Consultant at Turnbull and Asser in retail, I was a Technology Programme and Project Manager for Portigon in Financial Services and I held Senior Technology & Infrastructure roles at WestLB & Credit Suisse in Investment Banking.

As you can see, I bring a varied and extensive skill set to Spyrosoft!

What are your strengths?

During my 25+ years in technology & digital, I’ve always focused on delivery. Delivery covers new solutions, project implementations, application rollouts, cost and budget controls, service improvements and all manner of changes that have benefited Customers and Clients.

Having worked “both sides of the fence”, I truly believe in Customer/Client/Supplier partnerships. The partnership has to be a win-win for all parties. This leads to both positive delivery and a positive ongoing relationship.

What led you to follow your chosen career path?

On leaving University, I joined a telecoms organisation called GPT. This was the merger of GEC and Plessey as a company to deliver core telephony infrastructure across the UK and beyond. As a Unix System Administrator, I worked at the GPT office in Poole and met a young Software Developer called Andrew Radcliffe. When I left GPT in the mid-90’s to work for Credit Suisse, I lost touch with Andrew. Even though we live less than 10 miles from each other, our technology careers never crossed until late-2019 when we caught up again to discuss a technology offering from Spyrosoft that ICS Group were interested in.

It was surreal to meet again after 25 years, and as I had already agreed my ICS exit, I was extremely excited when Andrew approached me about joining Spyrosoft.

I have now joined Spyrosoft as COO and having met the team, heard Konrad and Andrews vision for the future and discussed the “art of the possible”, I cannot wait to meet our existing clients, engage new clients and discuss improving the services we already provide. I believe we’re in a great position to add value in all areas of technology and digital!

What is your super-power? How do you add value to your clients and partners?

It doesn’t work as a super-power from the marvel comics but my two key focuses in my professional life are “delivery” and “partnership”. If I can help clients and partners achieve success through world-class delivery this will lead to a positive outcome for everyone and a successful partnership.

We believe in the work-life balance at Spyrosoft. What are your personal interests?

Outside of work, I am very much a family and community person. I am father to 3 daughters and with my wife, we are very supportive of them in both their education and their personal interests. This revolves mainly around different sports, which means many weekday evenings and weekend mornings spent on the side of courts and pitches.

I am also an enthusiastic community volunteer and through my daughter’s interest in sport, I have become a rugby coach at my local rugby club. I am currently coaching the Ellingham and Ringwood RFC Girls under 13’s. I find community volunteering/sports coaching extremely rewarding and hope that the girls I coach get as much out of rugby as I do coaching it.

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