On November 16th, 2023, Spyrosoft participated in Discovery Day, an event that brings together over 130 exhibitors and 4500 participants to explore the latest advancements in robotics technology. As a member of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN), we showcased our recent innovations alongside other cutting-edge solutions.

Discovery Day, hosted by the PRN, is a pivotal gathering in the robotics industry, drawing participants who are eager to learn about the latest trends and innovations. During the event, the Spyrosoft team presented two of our flagship projects: DigiTwin and Avatar. Take a virtual tour through our stand and what it held.

Spyrosoft Synergy on Discovery Day in Pittsburgh, robotics innovation

DigiTwin: bridging the gap between reality and digital innovation

DigiTwin is a groundbreaking technology that allows real-time monitoring and interaction with a mini excavator through its digital twin represented in a dedicated application. This technology brings new efficiencies to the fields of construction, logistics, and manufacturing. DigiTwin collects data about the excavator’s movement and position through mounted sensors, which is transmitted to the IoT Hub in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The digital replica, powered by Unreal Engine 5, mirrors the machine’s operations in real-time, creating a dynamic 3D model.

Robotics innovations on Discovery Day by Spyrosoft

Avatar: revolutionising remote interaction

Avatar is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) designed for indoor navigation and interaction. It uses ROS 2, a widely used robotic operating system, and lidar-based SLAM algorithms to explore uncharted spaces. The robot can detect and interact with objects in its environment, such as MCU-connected screens and automotive-based IVI systems. Computer vision systems, powered by machine learning algorithms, enable Avatar to identify and engage with objects in real-time. The robot is a versatile and practical solution for any industry.

Spyrosoft's robotic innovation in Pittsburgh

Android Automotive and Vehicle Abstraction Layer implementation reinvented

We also presented Spyrosoft’s unique approach to decoupling the Vehicle Abstraction Layer (VHAL) implementation from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system by using ROS 2 in Android Automotive. This approach creates a conducive environment for rigorous testing and quality assurance, allowing developers to initiate their work concurrently and without being tethered to the OEM system. The Spyrosoft team actively participated in knowledge exchange, sharing insights and fostering connections with other exhibitors and participants.

The event was another successful showcase of Spyrosoft’s commitment to embracing robotics innovation and its contributions to the industry.

Our team of robotics innovation experts

Spyrosoft on Discovery Day 2023 by PRN in Pittsburgh

Spyrosoft’s stand at the event was looked after by a strong team. It comprised Mariusz Szczepanik – Lead C++ Software Engineer, Piotr Wierzba – co-CEO of Spyrosoft Synergy, Marieta Węglicka – Chief Technology Officer and Joel Reed – Business Executive, who acts as a Spyrosoft representative for the US market.

By participating in the Discovery Day, we were privileged to connect with representatives from various esteemed organizations, enabling us to exchange views and establish valuable contacts. We again appreciate our membership in the PRN, which has opened up numerous business cooperation opportunities and has great potential for growth in the robotics industry. Looking towards the next iteration of the event, we are already working on new projects to present, and eagerly anticipate more engaging and fruitful meetings.

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