Spyrosoft has recently become a member of an esteemed organisation comprising professional robotics companies actively shaping the market. By leveraging this convenient network within the sector, Spyrosoft will engage in knowledge sharing and contribute to establishing the Robotics Capital of the World.

Spyrosoft invests in the development of the robotics industry in Pittsburgh

In March 2023, we established a presence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a globally operating company, we are already active in the US market and have extensive experience working with clients in this area.

Leveraging our expertise, we have decided to expand our footprint to a location with the fastest and most robust growth in the robotics industry. This thriving market presents an opportunity for us to bridge the workforce gap by providing resources for delivering professional robotic services and products. We recognise Pittsburgh as a hub of innovation and knowledge exchange, making it an ideal location for our R&D projects to land, and case studies to be shared.

Through collaboration with other organisations in the robotics landscape, we will contribute to the emergence of this market.

“The City of Steel has a new story to tell, and Spyrosoft is proud to contribute. We believe that Pittsburgh is the best location to share our extensive robotics expertise. With our business entity and office in the city, we look forward to collaborating with other community members and local companies to drive robotics innovation and develop groundbreaking projects. We are sure that synergy with the US robotics companies and the robotics network will enable us to achieve great things together.”

Piotr Anioła, Co-Founder & CEO at Spyrosoft Synergy S.A.

Company’s contribution to the Pittsburgh Robotics Network

For some time, Pittsburgh has been a hub for robotics research, development, and innovation, with various companies, startups, and academic institutions actively engaged in robotics-related activities.

That’s why Carnegie Mellon University, known for its robotics programs, initiated Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) here. The aim is to fortify the market, raise awareness, and foster robotics innovation through collective efforts. By joining PRN, companies can leverage the expertise and resources of one another, creating a synergistic environment that propels the growth and development of the industry.

Expertise brought to the organisation

Thanks to our business relationship with The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, as well as their trust in our expertise, Spyrosoft has been admitted to the Pittsburgh Robotics Network. Our candidacy for the Silver Member position has been strengthened by our professional experience in providing robotics services and products, such as:

  • building autonomous mobile robots and uncrewed ariel vehicles engaging hardware bringing up, navigation, map exploration, ROS or simulation capabilities;
  • by creating a resilience cloud platform to exchange information between humans and robots, establishing collaboration;
  • designing and developing robot-to-human interaction by creating mobile, web, and HMI applications;
  • making robots smarter by utilising deep technology such as AI and computer vision;
  • operating robot-based systems by creating digital twin representations to maintain, oversee, predict, and plan the next actions of the device.

“Our company specialises in providing robotics solutions, encompassing various technological fields such as computer vision, robot mobility, communication, operation, intelligence, and human-robot interactions. Based on our holistic expertise, we know that delivering professional robotics services demands combining various technological areas to achieve desired business value. Together, with our robotics and technology partners, we are shaping that world’s future.”

Marieta Węglicka, Co-Founder & CTO at Spyrosoft Synergy S.A.

We would like to express our gratitude to The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development for their advocacy for our inclusion in the PRN network. We believe that the trust you have bestowed upon us will contribute to the growth of the robotics market not only in Pittsburgh but also globally.

Great robotics minds in one place

The Pittsburgh Robotics Network orchestrates and hosts an array of industry events, webinars, forums, and conferences, all aimed at fostering a business community and cultivating solid connections within the field of robotics. With a shared goal, the network encompasses various participants, industry leaders, innovative startups, investors, suppliers, service providers, and the surrounding communities. They aim to cultivate an inclusive and thriving robotics ecosystem in Pittsburgh by bridging these stakeholders.

“We are thrilled that we are part of Pittsburgh Robotics Network, and we invite companies and startups of all sizes seeking to enhance their robotics capabilities. With our experience in inspection, construction, mining, automotive, healthcare and agriculture industries, we are confident in our ability to provide valuable engineering expertise to scale up the robotics business. Our ultimate goal is to develop US and European robotics markets, and with our highly skilled team, we are committed to achieving this vision together with our partners.”

Piotr Wierzba, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Spyrosoft Synergy S.A., Director of Robotics BU

To gain insight into Spyrosoft’s range of expertise and explore the portfolio of robotic services, visit the Professional Service Robotics page.

About Spyrosoft

Founded in 2016, Spyrosoft is a software engineering company with expertise that spans professional service robotics, automotive software engineering, Internet of Things development, or product enhancement with AI capabilities.

With a workforce of over 1500 skilled specialists, the company operates on a global scale, maintaining offices in eight countries across four continents. Notably, Spyrosoft has been consistently recognised as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe by the Financial Times, earning this distinction in the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

About Pittsburgh Robotics Network

Pittsburgh Robotics Network was established by Carnegie Mellon University and currently boasts a membership of over 100 companies. Its core mission is to foster connections and encourage collaboration within the robotics community to introduce innovation in the industry. By bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders, it creates an environment for knowledge sharing, event organisation and partnership facilitation.

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