Spyrosoft Synergy and Staex GmbH are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership in the robotics industry. This collaboration aims to enhance Spyrosoft’s innovative capabilities and reinforce its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge robotics software solutions. At the same time, Staex will ensure a reliable and secure connection between autonomous mobile machines, such as vehicles, robots, and drones. 

What Spyrosoft and Staex partnership brings to the table? 

According to Piotr Wierzba, Co-CEO of Spyrosoft Synergy: 

“Our partnership with Staex represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the robotics sector. By integrating Staex’s groundbreaking software layer into our offerings, we can ensure seamless and secure communication between autonomous machines, revolutionising the way they navigate and interact with their environment.” 

Staex’s patented software layer, originally developed at Deutsche Telekom, plays a critical role in the rapidly evolving world of autonomous mobility. As the demand for reliable and secure communication between machines continues to rise, Staex’s technology becomes increasingly invaluable. Whether it’s navigation or driving, Staex’s solution enables autonomous mobile machines to connect and collaborate with countless external devices. 

Dr Alexandra Mikityuk, CEO of Staex, emphasises the significance of this partnership, stating that:  

“Teaming up with Spyrosoft opens up new horizons for both companies. We are proud to contribute our expertise in ensuring connectivity, reliability and high-level security to the robotics industry. Together, we will shape the future of autonomous mobility and create a safer and more efficient ecosystem.” 

Spyrosoft and Staex are committed to developing future readiness in the robotics industry. The actions taken by both companies in terms of innovation, research, and technological development enable them to stay at the forefront of the evolving robotics landscape and meet the growing needs of industries and society. 

To learn more about this exciting partnership and explore the innovative solutions offered by Spyrosoft and Staex, please contact us directly. 

About Spyrosoft Group 

Spyrosoft is an international company from Wroclaw that has been offering comprehensive software development services since 2016. A big part of the company’s revenues come from contracts with foreign clients, mainly from the UK, Germany and the USA. The company cooperates with clients from several countries, whose diversified portfolio covers many specialised industries. The company has offices in Poland, the UK, Germany, Croatia, Romania, the United States, Argentina, and India.   

Spyrosoft Group is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and, three years in a row, was among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, according to the Financial Times. 

About Staex GmbH 

Staex GmbH is an award-winning software technology company that provides a unique software-defined infrastructure consisting of a secure overlay network and a service orchestrator, that gives you the freedom to install software wherever you want and operate global geographically distributed and fully decentralised infrastructure with the same ease as you operate your local network. 

Staex is based in Berlin and originated in Deutsche Telekom in 2017. In 2021, Staex was honoured with the Deep Tech Award by the Berlin Senate in recognition of remarkable deep tech innovations in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0.