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How to play right with Playwright

03/12/2024, 15:00-16:00
unlimited spots

We’re back with another session of our webinar series, Make IT easy. This time, we’ll dive into the world of QA automation. This event is for anyone wanting to start an adventure with a Playwright.

Our experts will share how to install your Playwright and set things up to write, record, and trace your tests (with Typescript and JavaScript). Whether you are starting your journey with QA automation or haven’t had a chance to play with Playwright, this session is custom-built for you!


You’ll learn:

  • How to set up a testing environment and start a new project with Playwright and TypeScript
  • How to generate and analyse testing code
  • Test running principles
  • Reporting rules with video and trace viewer after the test
  • Why Playwright is one of the best tools for frontend testing


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Maja Jedrasiak

Maja is a Quality Assurance Automation Software Engineer with four years of experience in …

Marta Brzoz

Marta Brzoz

Marta is a mobile crashes hunter. She has been working at Spyrosoft since 2020 …


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