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Decoding Design Systems with Unravel

06/04/2024, 15:00-16:00
unlimited spots

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Discover how our innovative design system bridges the gap between design and development, enabling one-click deployments from Figma to production. Learn how to streamline the design process and support the generation of diverse applications, from websites to mobile apps. The system you will learn is ideal for projects requiring customisation and white-label solutions.


What will you learn from attending this webinar?

  1. Efficient design-to-development workflow: Learn how to utilise Figma design tokens to transform designs directly into fully functional digital products, drastically cutting down development time and maintaining high fidelity to the original design.
  2. Scalability and customisation: Understand the capabilities of a design system that supports extensive customisation and scalability, making it perfect for managing white-label projects and personalising them for different clients or market needs.
  3. Cross-platform deployment: Explore how our system facilitates the deployment of applications across multiple platforms, including web, iOS, and Flutter, ensuring a seamless user experience irrespective of the platform.


Get to know our experts

Mikołaj Niżnik

Unravel Product Designer. As a dedicated Product Designer with over a decade of experience, …

Marcin Koczorowski

Special guest speaker. An enthusiastic Senior Software Developer and skilled Lead Developer.


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