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Cloud native applications development

Cloud-native refers to the concept of building and running applications to take advantage of the distributed computing offered by the cloud vendor. This concept refers to the API-first, event-driven and microservices architecture of cloud solutions mixed with best DevOps practices which makes these solutions scalable, resilient, flexible and highly accessible.

1. Microservices architecture

1. Microservices architecture

Microservices architecture is an approach for large cloud applications.

2. Containerization

2. Containerization

Containers are elements of software created for packaging and isolating applications for deployment.

3. Continuous delivery

3. Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is an approach within which development teams produce and test code in short and continuous cycles.

4. 12-Factor Apps

4. 12-Factor Apps

The Twelve-Factor App is a methodology that helps to run applications as software-as-a-service, in more efficient way.


Applications Modernisation

Choosing the Lift & Shift migration method to the cloud usually ends up with increased costs and issues with legacy code and data. We help organisations modernise their applications to benefit from the cloud services. We can offer a strategy that reduces risks, drives-down costs and shortens the time to market of your products.

Our fields of specialisation

Internet of Things

IoT cloud services enable you to connect and manage all your devices and machines easily. With our solutions, you will be able to collect, store and analyse data from your equipment and applications in an efficient and secure way.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics services in the cloud can be linked to the development of AI, ML, DL and Big Data projects. Our experts can help you understand and properly use the data to benefit your projects and increase the performance of your organisation.

Spatial data

The combination of geospatial and cloud engineering expertise can contribute to the better development and use of spatial applications and information. With this experience, our team can help create effective mapping solutions using cloud resources.


Internet of Things

In our approach to IoT projects, we aim for a deep understanding of the specific business needs of our customers. This enables us to better advise on which IoT services and tools to use, as well as how the implementation process should look. As a result, we can apply more advanced techniques and solutions. If you want to know more about how we deal with IoT, check out our Industry 4.0 offer.

“The cloud is not only about the infrastructure – we need to take other domains into account. That is why we put extra focus on security solutions in the cloud that allow us to safely implement applications in the cloud.”

Marcin Zyga, Chief Technology Officer


Data & Analytics

Our team of experts specialising in Cloud analytics and data can support you in the development of Big Data projects. We offer our expertise, recommendations and assistance with the selection and implementation of technologies, tools, and data platforms for all your ventures.

Cloud by the numbers

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human error is to blame for cloud breaches, not cloud providers

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Spatial data

One of the fields we specialise in is geospatial combined with cloud engineering. We can offer you our expertise and provide consultation on geospatial solutions based on cloud, Esri COTS and open-source GIS software, which will cover the full implementation process. Additionally, as part of the collaboration, we can build a PoC to help test your initial ideas and assumptions and then transform them into a fully functional spatial data solution. To learn more about our geospatial know-how, check out the offering page.

Our other cloud services

Platform Enablement

We offer you the opportunity to create solutions based on the container platform, which enables you to automate the processes involved in managing, deploying, and scaling modern software.

Cloud Advisory

We can assist you by maintaining your cloud infrastructure in any of the three models. Collaboration with us will help to ensure that your cloud solutions run smoothly.

Cloud DevOps

Our DevOps approach to the cloud will help you with more efficient coordination of projects and quicker deployment of the product.

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