We are thrilled to announce that Spyrosoft has become a member of the Odense Robotics cluster. By leveraging this network, we hope to contribute to accelerating innovation and sustainable development in the industry with our expertise in developing mobile robots and robotics ecosystem using embedded & enterprise technologies.

Spyrosoft will share their robotics and HMI experience with other companies in Denmark

We see the potential of the robotics market in Denmark and we want to be a part of it. According to the Odense Robotics’ report, „the industry showed strong growth last year, generating EUR 4 billion (DKK 29.6 billion) in turnover and EUR 2.1 billion (DKK 15.6 billion) in exports – a 21% increase for both on the year before.” Being a member of the Odense Robotics cluster allows us to share our experience in the design and development of all variants of mobile robots – from AGVs, to autonomously driving mobile robots (AMRs) and drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We build technology that combines Robotics, AI and IoT connectivity, and help businesses adapt to rapidly changing environments. We cover a wide range of specialised robotics competencies, from building an actual device, to communication and human-robotic collaboration in industries, such as logistics, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.

“Our mission is to help humans and robots work together to enrich people’s lives, build a safer place to work, and take care of our environment.”

– Piotr Wierzba, co-CEO of Spyrosoft Synergy

Word of mouth is highly regarded in Scandinavian culture – it serves as a way to reinforce and maintain trust, honesty and strong personal connections. It’s a powerful tool to share information, recommendations and experiences. We hope to leverage the network and visibility of Odense Robotics to strengthen the positioning of Spyrosoft as experts in developing robotics ecosystems and next-generation HMIs. Thanks to the collaboration with other companies in the cluster on robotics (and non-robotics) product & services, we aim to decrease the time to market and work on new, exciting projects.  

Spyrosoft joined Odense Robotics cluster

To explore Spyrosoft’s portfolio of robotic services, visit the Professional Service Robotics page.

About Odense Robotics

Odense Robotics is Denmark’s national cluster for robot, automation and drone technology. Our vision is to make Denmark an even bigger, better robot nation. Odense Robotics does this by accelerating innovation and sustainable development in the industry. Companies within their network can develop innovative products and technologies, strengthen their foundation for growth, gain industry insights and increase their visibility through projects and events – often in close collaboration with their many knowledge partners.

About Spyrosoft

Founded in 2016, Spyrosoft is a software engineering company with expertise that spans professional service robotics, automotive software engineering, Internet of Things development, or product enhancement with AI capabilities. With a workforce of over 1500 skilled specialists, the company operates on a global scale, maintaining offices in eight countries across four continents. Notably, Spyrosoft has been consistently recognised as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe by the Financial Times, earning this distinction in the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.