Although Spyrosoft Connect has only just started its operations, it already employs 25 people and has gained 8 customers, including a large retail chain. The company specialises in CRM technology and the Salesforce platform. Spyrosoft Connect will work with customers from various sectors around the world, focusing primarily on the retail industry. The new company in the Spyrosoft Group will be managed by Michal Gronowski, an expert with many years of experience, who implemented CRM and Salesforce activities for global and recognisable brands in the USA and Europe. The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) position was taken over by Przemyslaw Ziemczyk – a specialist with extensive experience in CRM, Salesforce and programming, who worked for international clients from the USA, Italy and Belgium.  

Salesforce takes up approximately 30% of the market and is the world’s most popular, cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) platform. The Salesforce platform is used by sales departments of companies of various sizes to manage customer relations or to conduct sales campaigns. Salesforce does not implement its platform in companies itself. It has a network of certified partners around the world to do that. Spyrosoft Connect is such a partner.  

The history of Spyrosoft Connect is quite unusual, says Przemyslaw Ziemczyk, CTO of Spyrosoft Connect. I regularly listen to podcasts about business and technology. Last year, one of the guests was Konrad Weiske, CEO of the Spyrosoft Group. Konrad Weiske talked about the business model of the Spyrosoft Group – the development of subsidiaries within the Group and the openness to introducing new technologies to its portfolio. After listening to the podcast, I sent a link to it to Michal Gronowski. After some time, we talked with Konrad Weiske about a new company adds Ziemczyk.  

At the beginning, in May 2022, we got into an incubator within the Spyrosoft Group to start developing our concept for a new company, looking for employees and customers. About a year later, we were supposed to kick off our new company. However, it turned out that we were ready much faster -  says Michal Gronowski, CEO of Spyrosoft Connect.  

CRM market experts predict it will develop dynamically in the near future, at the level of approx. 13% CAGR by1 2028. In contrast, the Salesforce market – comprised of primarily of certified partner companies – is expected to increase by more than 3 times by 20262.  

After the pandemic, the CRM market has increased significantly, due to the digitalisation of enterprises.  
And this trend is still continuing. We are constantly observing the huge potential of CRM and Salesforce in the B2B area. While companies operating in the B2C model are already quite well digitalised, there is still a lot to be done in the B2B sector, both in Poland and in the whole world. Companies often use old systems or do not have them at all – adds Michal Gronowski. As part of the Spyrosoft Group – a technology services company – we can offer a wide range of technology solutions for companies of this kind. In addition, Spyrosoft Connect also provides CRM consulting CRM, in sectors such as retail. We can show the customer what else can be verified and improved in terms of customer relations – explains Gronowski.  

Michal Gronowski and Przemyslaw Ziemczyk both own 10% of Spyrosoft Connect. The remaining 80% belongs to the Spyrosoft Group. Expanding the Spyrosoft Group with a new company and competences is the next step in the implementation of the strategy for 2022-2026 announced by the Company in May 2022. Salesforce will allow us to expand the company’s service portfolio with a dynamically developing CRM sector.