Employee Experience & Education

Technological response to HR challenges


We automate the work of HR and Payroll departments

HR and temporary

HR & Temporary Workforce

  1. We build comprehensive systems supporting HR processes.
  2. We create booking systems to support employment in the area of ​​temporary work, enabling verification of skills and certificates.
  3. We implement modules for managing document flow and monitoring employment history.
  4. We design work and contractor accounting modules.
  5. We integrate billing systems with instant messengers and invoice systems.

Payroll management systems

  1. We create solutions for generating payrolls, adjusting them to the current legal regulations.
  2. We implement modules for processing personal data and calculating the costs and components of employee remuneration.
  3. We build systems that integrate with central tax records.
  4. We design solutions for ongoing communication with employees on the status of their remuneration and holidays.
  5. We build control panels for the acquisition and analysis of employment costs.


We create the systems that enable the prediction of employee behaviour. For this we implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The systems are designed in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. We implement solutions which integrate with benefit providers, enabling fast data flow between each party.

Education systems

Education systems

We implement e-learning and LMS (Learning Management System) systems, as well as solutions enabling the purchase of training and certification. We enable you to sell subsequent courses based on the knowledge gained about completed training courses. We design educational solutions that are integrated with payment channels.



The relationships with our partners are the most important ones

Daniel Zaborowski

My team and I create software for the HR and education industries. These solutions help to take care of employees in the changing world. I have been with Spyrosoft from the very beginning - I was the third employee. Previously, I supported a number of international companies, for example – Microsoft where I took my first steps in the industry. If I was on a desert island I would only need a book and to enjoy reading while listening to the sound of the waves.


Our advantages

We ensure the security of HR processes

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We implement European regulations for the HR sector

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We deliver software that is compliant with GDPR, HMRC and PAYE standards

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We have 12 years of experience in providing HR systems

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