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ING Bank, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a leading multinational bank with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide. It’s known for its advanced digital banking solutions and offers a full range of financial services, including accounting, retail and commercial banking, investment solutions and insurance. 

ING Business Services (ING UDB), established in 2013, is the operator of Accounting Online, in response to the needs of ING’s clients who have signalled their willingness to use accounting, personnel and payroll services. 


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The project’s business needs

ING Business Services approached us because they urgently needed to streamline their customers’ accounting processes, focusing on capital companies, partnerships, and groups. They wanted to create a user-friendly communication panel for an easy consultation on accounting issues, thus minimising errors in accounting ledgers.

ING decided to meet the expectations of its clients by adding accounting and personnel and payroll services to its range of services. Significant changes were required in the accounting process, transfer management and the collaboration between the company and the accountant/bank.

The challenge was to reduce the formalities associated with accounting systems and to improve the efficiency of document handling, including purchases, sales documents, travel expenses and transfers. In addition, the system needed to provide automated payment reminders, facilitate the seamless transfer of invoices to accountants in a readable format, and to provide efficient invoice processing, eliminating the need for manual scanning and data entry by utilising OCR technology.

The solution

ING Accounting Online is integrated with ING Online Banking. This means that the client can manage the company’s finances, invoices, statements, accounting documents, and bills in one place. The client logs in to their bank account and has access to the accounting system via the ‘My ING’ tab. The accounting system is always with clients, regardless of their needs.

The web application allows viewing all finances and tasks. The client can view invoices, make transfers and pay invoices in one place.

You can also pay invoices using the application with just a few clicks. The OCR system automatically reads the necessary data from imported invoices. The user adds an invoice file or takes a photo of it, and the system recognises the account number, amount, payment date and other information needed to record and complete the transfer.

Our responsibilities

While working on this project, we first had to implement an OCR system that would seamlessly extract data from invoices, automating the process and eliminating the need for manual data entry. At the same time, we had to ensure that the system was compliant with new tax and banking regulations to ensure compliance and accuracy of financial reporting. We needed to integrate business functions with the accounting processes, ensuring smooth data flow and communication between departments. This integration should minimise errors, increase efficiency and ultimately streamline operations.

The client also wanted to improve the UX, so by minimising the steps required to enter the document, we increased usability and reduced the likelihood of errors. In addition, implementing digitisation standards has reduced paper consumption and promoted environmental friendliness, which aligns with modern ecological initiatives.

Currently, our role is to minimise errors and failures, especially when updating the ING system. Stability and reliability are crucial to ensure uninterrupted operations and to mitigate potential disruptions.

Results of collaboration

The integration of the created system with the InsERT system, which enables the management of the company’s accounts and finances, has been tested and works perfectly.

ING Accounting combines the characteristics of a large group with those of a local accountancy firm. Thanks to this combination, we have gained greater security, increased the efficiency of financial processes, improved the quality of work, increased flexibility in the way services is provided and improved the individual approach to the client by reorganising the role of direct contact with the client.

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