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KKR is a global company that invests in private markets across all asset classes around the world. Their mission is to strengthen businesses and communities, and to help secure the future of institutions and individuals. 


  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • Selenium
  • AWS
  • Terraform

The project’s business needs

The client approached us with a vision for an application that resembles an online ‘application store’ designed to aggregate dashboards from tools such as Tableau and PowerBI used across the organisation. They aimed to create a central hub accessible to all employees and business partners and streamlined access to essential data in a tabular format. This centralised platform would increase productivity and efficiency in their operations and empower internal contributors to showcase and endorse their dashboards, fostering credit and recognition for their contributions.

Our service and responsibilities

Our team at Spyrosoft was responsible for the comprehensive delivery of the project. We started from providing key support in refining the product concept and gathering requirements for the MVP.

Secondly, we developed and implemented the application within the AWS architecture to build a robust, scalable, and efficient serverless solution. This included using Lambdas, API Gateway, CloudFront, RDS, S3, WAF2, IAM, Code Pipeline, Code Build, etc.

To ensure the project’s success, we selected a diverse and skilled team, including backend and frontend developers, DevOps specialists, QA engineers, and a dedicated project manager.

The result

We developed a platform that seamlessly aggregates dashboards from different tools. By leveraging AWS’s serverless architecture, we delivered a robust, scalable solution that increases productivity and fosters recognition within the client’s organisation. 


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Michał Kaleta

Michal Kaleta

Director of Financial Services

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