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Czarnikow provides global supply chain solutions, specialising in food ingredients, energy and packaging. Their deep understanding of international market trends enables them to deliver impactful solutions that benefit society. 


  • React
  • React Native
  • Cypress
  • C#
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript

The project’s business needs

The client wanted to comprehensively analyse and dynamically present stock market data in multiple formats. This included real-time visualisation of products and semi-finished goods, highlighting their key parameters alongside stock market prices. The project scope extended to procurement, supply chain, and warehousing management of raw materials and semi-finished goods. In addition, the project required robust management of organisational structures, permissions, access controls, and content management.

Our responsibility

The project’s success depended on seamless integration with third-party data providers to deliver a comprehensive data view. By leveraging PowerBI’s advanced capabilities, we created interactive reporting solutions that improved decision-making processes, streamlined operational workflows, and ultimately achieved the client’s strategic goals.

We carried out a UX/UI rebrand and mobile application redesign. The scope of work included implementing new functionality and refining existing ones across web and mobile applications. We organised the holistic programme management, overseeing multiple teams led by technology experts from requirements gathering to maintenance phases. Our responsibilities also included real-time testing, health check monitoring, test automation and ensuring application stability.

Currently, we provide ongoing support in the production environment, delivering valuable conclusions and recommendations for further development.

Results of collaboration

We successfully delivered a dynamic stock market analysis platform with real-time visualisation capabilities, enabling informed decision making. Seamless integration with third-party data providers improved operational efficiency and strategic outcomes for the client.


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