Our Spyrosoft People series is back – this time, we’re interviewing Raul Halmagean who works as a Managing Director and a Site Manager in our office in Timisoara, Romania.

How is the technology landscape in Romania shaped, and what are the main factors influencing it?

Romania is well-known for being the got-to country in the European Union for IT services, some even call it the Silicon Valley of Europe. Romanian developers specialise in multiple cutting-edge technologies and we have tech hubs for each of them in various areas of the country.

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In Timișoara where the new Spyrosoft office is based, there is a strong focus on automotive technologies. In Bucharest and Cluj, there’s this focus on high-level enterprise software development and web application development. Slowly and gradually, other cities are developing to be these tech hubs as well, so there’s a huge potential in that in Romania – I’d say, mostly for the automotive sector.

Was this focus on automotive decisive for opening our office in Timișoara?

It was, but that wasn’t the main reason. It’s very clear by now that our top priority will be addressing the needs of our automotive customers at Spyrosoft, but we also want to grow in other directions, including enterprise and medical.

How many people are currently working in our Timișoara office, and what are our plans for the next 12 months?

Now, we are still at the stage where we build our team and we also have most of the people working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The main area of our expertise has so far been automotive, as I have mentioned, and we now have 25 people working for Spyrosoft in Romania, but the number varies a lot as we’re also hiring really aggressive recently [laughs]. Today, we have 25 people, but the day after tomorrow, we may have more than 30! I’ve just hired another person 20 minutes ago.

Are there any specific skills you’re looking for when recruiting?

Again, our priority is embedded development on all levels, from AUTOSAR and Cybersecurity to Functional Safety, software development and testing. We’re constantly on the lookout for specialists in these areas, but we also want to fill other very important roles such as Project Managers and Function Owners.

Our plan is to reach around 80 – 100 people for our team in Romania in the next 10 – 12 months. This will allow us to cover all these technical and non-technical areas mentioned above.

What makes our office in Timișoara unique, and what are the benefits that we offer to the employees?

We offer the same competitive benefits that Spyrosoft offers in all its other locations, but the thing that’s not very popular in Timisoara specifically is the choose-your-own-equipment approach. Our employees can decide what environment they want to use it, no matter whether it’s Mac or Windows and if it’s doable from the project point of view.

For more information on our open roles in Romania and remotely, please visit our Careers website >>>> Spyrosoft Careers

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