We are happy to announce that Apex.AI is becoming a partner of Spyrosoft. The successful cooperation between Spyrosoft as a service provider with extensive expertise and Apex.AI, safety-certified, scalable software platforms for autonomous systems, has resulted in a long-term partnership. As partners, we will support our joint EU customers in automotive, logistics, agriculture, industry and others, by providing the best quality services.

Partnership in favour of autonomous systems

In record time Apex.AI has established itself as a pioneer in the field of autonomous systems. Their expertise lies in developing robust software platforms for autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics. Apex.AI enables the deployment of operating systems in safety-critical environments by providing reliable and developer-friendly software frameworks, that verify and reuse open-source software to meet the highest standards in a short time.  

Spyrosoft and Apex.AI have worked together before. Our experience and deep understanding of embedded software engineering, functional safety and cybersecurity, process design and development operations enabled us to deliver a successful project. The shared principles of Spyrosoft and Apex.AI naturally led to this long-term partnership that is based on knowledge exchange, innovation and agility.  

To help our customers step smoothly into the new era of mobility, we have initiated a comprehensive training program involving our skilled developers at Spyrosoft. This aspect of our partnership with Apex.AI grants us direct access to their invaluable knowledge and expertise, resulting in a highly qualified team of seasoned professionals. Consequently, we are well-equipped to deliver efficient and secure solutions to our customers, while also offering expert guidance on industry best practices. 

About Apex.AI 

Apex.AI is a global company that develops secure, certified, developer-friendly and scalable software for software-defined vehicles and mobility systems. The company’s core product is Apex.Grace, a reliable real-time software development kit (SDK) suitable for the automotive industry. Apex.AI provides automotive manufacturers, commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with an SDK that helps them move from hardware-centric products to advanced software-centric vehicles and develop software faster, cheaper and with less effort. 

About Spyrosoft 

Founded in 2016, Spyrosoft is an international software engineering company offering a full range of software development services – from embedded to cloud solutions, customised to meet clients’ needs and expectations. The company is renowned for operating in areas such as automotive, healthcare and life sciences, IoT, finance, and more, providing software delivery solutions while maintaining the highest standards of quality and security. 

The company operates globally, maintaining offices in eight countries across four continents. Notably, Spyrosoft has been consistently recognised as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe by the Financial Times, earning this distinction in the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.