As a renowned developer of debt management software, Spyrosoft featured prominently at the Polish Association of Financial Enterprises 2023 Debt Management Congress. The Congress took place on September 14 and 15 at the Bridge Hotel in Wroclaw, Poland, which proved an excellent opportunity for us to engage with our stakeholders, understand their needs, and share our unique perspective as one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Known as the Kongres Zarządzania Wierzytelnościami – KZW in Polish, the Congress is currently Central Europe’s largest recurring event in the debt management sector. Nearly 3,000 leaders from the banking, telecommunications, debt collection, insurance, leasing, and capital markets industries tackled tough issues such as the evolving legislative environment, shifting regulations, the challenging macroeconomic environment, the adoption of technology, the Non-Performing Loan (NPL) market, and much more.

An opportunity to share our expertise with debt management industry leaders

From Spyrosoft’s side, the following team members joined the conference to share our financial services know-how:

  • Slawomir Podolski, Chief Operating Officer
  • Michal Kaleta, Director of Financial Services
  • Dagmara Majdak, Project Manager
  • Krzysztof Wezowski, Senior Java Software Engineer
slawomir podolski debt management congress

One highlight from the event was Slawomir Podolski’s participation in a panel discussion featuring Polish government officials and top executives from other companies operating in the debt management sector, such as mBank and Santander. Over the course of this valuable exchange of debt management knowledge, Slawek shared his expectation for continued resilience in the financial industry and further opportunities for software development companies:

From the beginning, we had a business idea to rely on cooperation with companies from specific areas. Indeed, it can be stated that companies within the financial institutions sector invest similar amounts of money year after year. Within the financial sector, we can anticipate that these revenues will not decrease.

Building top-notch software through customer and prospect engagement

Congress attendees who stopped by the Spyrosoft booth in between keynote sessions had productive discussions with our financial services team. We took notes on valuable debt management insights from the business leaders we met, which will enable us to continue offering best-in-class solutions. We also handed out limited print editions of our new ebook: Innovation through collaboration: A guide to choosing the right software company, which details our unique approach to building innovative systems hand in hand with our clients.

Innovation through collaboration ebook frontpage

This flexible and collaborative approach to providing debt management software solutions to our clients is especially important in the context of our financial services offering. Our innovative solution, DebtPro, is a turn-key debt management software for clients seeking a fast, convenient, and robust system for managing their receivables, both as a complete solution or a customisable addition to an existing one.

Now is the time to start your journey with Spyrosoft

For clients seeking even further customisation, we are able to partner with them from inception through to conception. We can build and maintain dedicated, end-to-end debt management systems meeting the exact requirements of their business model. Thus, a partnership with Spyrosoft will ensure that your service is positioned at the cutting edge of available technology and constantly adapting to the newest innovations. To learn more about how we can help you to take your fintech business to the next level, reach out to our expert via the form below.

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